Monday, January 23, 2017

My Life After a Year Break from Blogging

Hello Everyone,
oh my God.. it's been so so so so long I didn't show up on my own blog!!
It's been a year to be exact. Well in a year (2016) my life is a little bit like a roller coaster back then..
I could say that in 2016 I made some progress in my life, though I never had imagine the way it is before.

I guess I finally make peace with my past, well as you terribly know I had some major issues with moving on, not to be ashamed that I was kind of too attached back then for more than 3 years after break-up. LOL, but now that I'm thinking maybe it's one of God's way to let me wait for the right one, through the delays.. and from the one I once think that will be the one but I wronged. Failure always leads to better future right.
I thought I might already meet the "right" one. (Well I hope I'm right this time) :)

So, back in 2016 earlier I already made peace with what's holding me so long. Be-friend with past.
Focus on my job, it's been a great year for me, a lot of opportunities came. Been working at Samarinda & Makassar too on February - March. And got my friends married at the time too.

Been in a relationship for almost 2 months (well I can't say it's a relationship or not remembering that we don't have the exact NUMBER of date when we're attached), and breaks-up follows.

Then had some few holidays to Bali & Jakarta too. Got some new tattoos *again*. Get a embroidery course to spend my weekdays.

And not too far from Dietary life for past 6 years. I started on 2011 if you remember, here's the stories!
I got the heaviest weight I ever had since I graduated from High school & on holiday with big family to China (u know u can't resist tasty food while u're there to celebrate CNY) & also Singapore the next holiday.
So, I weight about 89kgs back then (well I told you that my scales at home is not precision that time SO that means I might be a lot heavier for about +2kgs than the number on my scales).
Once again u didn't mis-read or I mis-type, 89kgs+++!! (DUH mimpi apa ya )
That time I wasn't even concern about my weights & how do I look. Yes I know I'm fat and that's like what evryone said. Been trying ALL diets supplements & none of them works at first till I tried "ACAI BERRY" and finally can lose about 5 to 8kgs for the 1st bottle in a month.
But it wasn't quite easy, I need to keep my mouth shut, no dinner, no steaks, no tasty food for about 6mo (YES I supplied myself with 6 bottles acai berry just so u know, through evryone alrdy knows that some ppl had quite complication using that diet supplements), of course not be able to leave home (it simply means "ansos") because if u leave home, you would go to fancy restaurants & u ordered food & it mades u fail on diets. 

Singkat cerita, sdh coba mcm2 obat & cuma 1 aja yg berhasil (meskipun lama2 udah kebal jd ga ada efeknya lg then I STOPPED using acai berry).
During that period of time I already & finally lose about 15kgs (I reached 70 -75kgs in october 2012, starting diet in the middle of 2011 june or july).
LUAR BIASA SENENGNYA! tapi ga bertahan lama sih di angka 70 karena sudah mulai mengenal mknan enak lg, lalu kembalilah berat ke 75 diet lagi balik jd 70.. kyk yo-yo pokonya blm bisa balance 
(And those who wonder where I buy acai berry, FYI saya pake itu obat udh 4 taun yg lalu & stop, so ngga tau masi jual apa ngga berhubung yg beliin mama)

Seiring jlnnya wkt, my weight keeps in balance for about 6 months ahead, yes I stayed at 70kgs for few couple years until early 2016 & reach 65 and go ups again to 67,7kgs to be precise hahaha (artinya uda bosen diet pokonya ga naik aja udh hepi lah kita stop diet for a while). 

For current 2 months from May 2016, I go diet again till I lose a total of 8kgs in July but still go ups & down between 60-63kgs, SO until now I'm still on diets & finally reached 59-60kgs through ups & down (masi blm balance but i tried to go more lower between 57 or maybe 55 if it's possible). 
So I finally lose 30kgs+ and I am prouddddd myself after all of struggles for 5 years, and almost 6.
I cut the carbs, no more snacks, soda, less beers, and less coffee too. Keep in mind kalo makan bikin km merasa bersalahhh 

Bukan mau pamer atau apa, yg berubah di dunia ini jg banyak kok ngga cuma saya saja. 
The trigger is that if you wanted something, you work for it, DO WHAT PEOPLE TOLD YOU YOU CAN'T DO.
Show them you can & leave them speechless.
Saya diet memang di paksa pada awalnya, BUT I myself quite not satistfy yet with how do I look. Jadilah itu trigger biar bisa kurus lg, and so here I am now with 55kgs and still going lower as ever! Bahagiaaaaa setidaknya pernah kurus 1x seumur hidup, and I think I don't wanna back to the FAT me back thennn 

I learned my lessons, that if people didn't love you for how "not good looking" you are now, then they as well might didn't deserve you at your best looking "soon". 

Enough with that dietary and curcol thingy! :)

So.... here's some highlight pictures of 2016!

happy new year !!