Thursday, October 28, 2010


Who are you?
 I'm Lia Octaviani, and you can call me Lia. My Chinese name is Yap (Jap *old spelling of my surname*) Fei Bing. I was born in October 28th, 1992. My parents were both Chinese, they're both born in Indonesia, but their parents were born in China, so they're purely Chinese live in Indonesia. I had two elder brothers, yeah I'm the youngest of course, and hell yeah I am the only girl in this house! My parents is still married and happily together! :)

What's your status?
 I'm newly single and 20. LOL!

Why are you started to blog? 
 Well I don't know, I just feel like to write based on what I like, what I thought it was worth to blogged about. I know this is just a beginning, and still need to learn more about blogging. :D
And also, I like to read Xiaxue's blog as well, even if I don't know her and never see her before, but I think she's great and she's a nice person. :)

What camera did you use lately?
 I used my 550DSLR, since I've got it in past November 2010 after my Birthday. I love DSLR so much! Even they're heavy and big/ :-|
And sometimes I used my Lumix Pocket Camera instead. And now I'm using 4s, so lotsa picture will be taken with i-phone. :)

Do you Photoshopped your photos? Why?
 Yes, sometimes but not too much!
I just re-covered my photos to look good, BUT don't worry, I am not that different from those photoshopped photos, I just covered my dark circles, and aligned my eyes, nose, and my chin a little. But since I've lost some weight, I don't have to use photoshop again! FOR REAL, I didn't use photoshop since last year, so my picture isn't the fake one. :)
What's your religion?
Well, I don't know what I am into, I just don't take it too seriously (for now), I just thought that even IF they're religious-type of person, it's not guarantee that everything they've done is always good and never been wrong. It's just my opinion, but I think I'm Buddhist-Catholic (sounds weird #LOL).

How tall are you?
 I'm about 5"3' (160cm)! It's so heartbreaking. Yeah, I am short but wait! FYI, I'm Not too short too, I used my 12cm's heels LOL! :p

What do you like the most?
 I love makeup, especially when it comes to eyeshadow, eyeliner, and contact lenses! I'm a beauty-junkies, I am not act like I am better than you (who read this), BUT if you find yourself wants a change, the impossibilities is none of your list, from zero you can be a hero! And I love shoes! yes I'm a junkie :p
Did you take any course or special schools of make up?
 No I am.... NOT, or maybe not yet is the right words. LOL! I was planning to take a makeup & hair course very SOON! *fingercrossed

So what are you doing recently?
 It's embarrassing to say this BUT, i am unemployed. lol. Since, well I graduated. hahahaha!! But I've been helping my parents lately, my parents own business.

Which school do you attend until now?
I am graduated from a senior high school in my city, which is located in Surabaya, Indonesia as well.

♥  So, I've been recognizing that you've lose weight.. a lot! How come?
 Yes, you're right. I've lost 33lbs (15kg) during November 2011 to April 2012. I've blogged about it here after I lose 22lbs (10kg) for 4 months. Then, I lose 11lbs (5kg) during march to April 2012, I've lost of a total 33lbs in 6 month straight! I can't believe I can do it, yeah I gained 5kg again then lose it again, now I lose total 39.6lbs (18kg) and still continued, wish me luck guys! :')

I have some questions for you, can I have your phone number or visits you?
For more questions kindly send me via e-mail to
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Thank you for your kindness and your patience ;)
I will increase my ability to manage this blog really hard, and share some exciting post photos, or whatever!
And if you don't mind, you can send me some comments, critics, opinions or whatever to my e-mail above!
I know you will :) 

Lia Octaviani