Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nothing seems Impossible if you BELIEVE and TRY!

Hello everyone, 
it's been so long since the last blog I wrote last Valentine's Day!
I guess I missed something here? LOL!
Just kidding, I'm not so famous to the extent that there are people who missed me; p

So in this blog, I'll tell you about my routine diet since the last 4 months, you would know if diet is really annoying if you do not produce the desired results, there are few who succeed, but some time later his body back to the way originally, yes it's one of my first experience of the diet while still in high school, and like most people never experience it's harder to lose weight if you are overweight.
Yes I admit that my weight was somewhat overweight at that time, LOL!

Since I've finished my school and graduated two years ago precisely month of May 2010, more than half a year I tried to adjust my diet but it's useless because I admit I am a very big appetite, especially when it includes foods that contain cholesterol and carbohydrates high like a duck, cakes, breads, pizza, steak, as well as foods that contains porks! (can you imagine that! lol)
I just feel disgusted now (LOL!!)
I am not arrogant or anything, but it's really frustrating for my mom hahaha (funny, she's afraid that I will not have a partner if I stay fat like that! wtf)

And yes finally, 
I've LOST my weight in total 22lbs or 10 kg in just over 4 months.
That is amazing! I never thought would work at first, but once I actually go down that much, I feel so happy! At least a diet that I live now is really to show the REAL results! : ')
(I will not mention my weight I used to because I am still not ready for it, when it's time, I definitely will tell you all!)

I admit I take medicine, and also several years ago while on a diet, but this diet program really different! May initially feel heavy at all through it, but over time I've used, I only eat rice once a day (sometimes also do not eat rice), sometimes also only drink milk and bread, a little fruit (I do not like to eat vegetables and fruits as well).
 Maybe I have always failed in terms of diet, because of school and my activities. How not, when I'm still student, whomever whenever and wherever there's always food, in my class too (because there are my classmates who sell snacks), and especially in the school canteen and there is also a snack seller outside my school, LOL !

Let me show you some of my old photos (LOL!) may not be too visible but of course there are differences seen even a little :)

 Before DIET !

 After DIET !

See the difference??? I have NO double chin!!! wtf  mad HAPPY!

I have to lose my weight again as much as 15 kg over a period of at least 6 months!
Not greedy, but if I can do it.. why not?
I began to understand what it means 
"Nothing is impossible for those of you who believe and try!"
or "No Pain - No Gain!"

I have to prove myself, if I (the person who easily give up the things that hard to go through and including the greedy people in terms of eating LOL) can, you can do it! :)
Most importantly you have the will to do so, and have strong faith in the sense that resist the temptations that are around you ..
                                                                                      Lia :) 

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