Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello everyone,
so yesterday (okay it's 40 minutes ago btw) was my 22nd birthday, YEAH I am officially 22!! It's on October'28, 2014.

So here's a little speech I made yesterday as seen on my Instagram,

"Thankyou for another new chapter of my life, it's only by HIS grace that I could survive this tough life so far with His truly uncountable blessings & His kindness, through the good & the bad, with the ups & down, happy or sad. Meeting a couple of new friends, losing some people (yes people come & goes), having another new experience, and know how to enjoy life while you working hard too.
This shall be the new beginning for me, while I'm growing up, I should become a little more wiser than I am now, I need to improve myself to be a better version of me than myself yesterday. Thankyou for those who stands beside me through the bad & the good times! Another year of me had passed, another greater future is waiting, and well.. now I am officially 22!"

It is sad actually that I didn't received any greetings from the one, yeah.. this one special person I mean.
Well yeah, things didn't happen just like what I want. I understand.
But it's okay, really. Maybe he's just too busy. It's fine. :)

And OH, look what I've got this year :)
My BFF is just so sweet HAHAHA (but well I wish I got this from that special person)

And also cake!! Thankyou my 2nd sister in law & ma bro :-*

Thankyou for the well wishes everyone! Most of their wishes were about getting succeed in my career, getting more skinnier (yeah my wish too), hoping to find a good BF real soon, and also hoping that I could leave the nightlife kind of lifestyle as soon as possible (I will soon), and all the best for my future. I am truly blessed getting another chance to live another awesome year surrounded by families & friends! THANKYOU!! :)


Friday, October 10, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent RPC 52

Hello everyone,
been a month didn't posted any blogpost here..
Kinda busy with my schedule lately, I am so so sorry :(
SO, here I am today with the topic above, yes!
Yves Saint Laurent or spell it YSL.
I just bought the IT lipstick lately, it's Rosy Coral, yes RPC 52, as you can see on the other beauty blog & reviews. This lipstick is an award winners!
It's sold out anywhere, well couldn't find it in Indonesia too.
Thanks to Cheon Song-Yi's who's wearing this RPC in her dramas.

Rouge Pur Couture Rouge Pur Couture

As you can see in "My Love from The Star" or You Who Came from The Stars", starring Kim So Hyun who played as Do Min-Joon & Gianna Jun who played as Cheon Song-Yi.
She wears these IT lipstick, now you know.

Pretty right? Yes I do agree.
I rarely wear lipstick on weekdays or weekend, but I collected some of lipstick, because I just loveeee pretty colors.
So here's mine, my own swatch of RPC 52 ;)

Products that I've used (as seen on my Instagram):

• Face :
- Maybelline BB Cream "Fresh".
- Dermacolor D2.

• Cheeks :
- Sephora Sundisc shade N°3.
- The Balm Instain "ARGYLE".
- MAC Mineralize Skinfinish "Soft & Gentle".

• Eyebrows : @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow Pomade in "Taupe". (From@houseofmakeup)

• Eyes :
- Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in Black.
- NYX Mosaic Powder "Highlight".
- Elianto Matte Brown Eyeshadows.

• Lips : YSL Rouge Pur Couture N°52. (From @cristalbeauties)

• Contact Lenses : Pandora Vanilla Shake in Pink. (From @eyelovin)

I bought it by online on Instagram from @cristalbeauties.
And thankyou for saving these babies for me & my bff too! :)
For daily updates, please kindly follow me on Instagram @lia_octaviani.
Till the next post everyone..