Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Hello everyone,
so yesterday (okay it's 40 minutes ago btw) was my 22nd birthday, YEAH I am officially 22!! It's on October'28, 2014.

So here's a little speech I made yesterday as seen on my Instagram,

"Thankyou for another new chapter of my life, it's only by HIS grace that I could survive this tough life so far with His truly uncountable blessings & His kindness, through the good & the bad, with the ups & down, happy or sad. Meeting a couple of new friends, losing some people (yes people come & goes), having another new experience, and know how to enjoy life while you working hard too.
This shall be the new beginning for me, while I'm growing up, I should become a little more wiser than I am now, I need to improve myself to be a better version of me than myself yesterday. Thankyou for those who stands beside me through the bad & the good times! Another year of me had passed, another greater future is waiting, and well.. now I am officially 22!"

It is sad actually that I didn't received any greetings from the one, yeah.. this one special person I mean.
Well yeah, things didn't happen just like what I want. I understand.
But it's okay, really. Maybe he's just too busy. It's fine. :)

And OH, look what I've got this year :)
My BFF is just so sweet HAHAHA (but well I wish I got this from that special person)

And also cake!! Thankyou my 2nd sister in law & ma bro :-*

Thankyou for the well wishes everyone! Most of their wishes were about getting succeed in my career, getting more skinnier (yeah my wish too), hoping to find a good BF real soon, and also hoping that I could leave the nightlife kind of lifestyle as soon as possible (I will soon), and all the best for my future. I am truly blessed getting another chance to live another awesome year surrounded by families & friends! THANKYOU!! :)


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