Friday, August 12, 2011

another haul :)

Nude Pumps by Mango

Grey clogs by Mango
both are only IDR 99.000/pair (SGD 14 / USD 10)! lol lol lol i love sale season <3

Salmon Pink Chiffon Cardigan vintage

Blue Sailor Blazer from Mango


cute cute cute!

i bought this all for IDR 130.000 (SGD 18 / USD 15) on tuesday :D
1. Earring (on green)
2. Bracelet (hello kitty)
3. Ring (hello kitty)
4. Earring (hello kitty)
5. bracelet/bangles (gold and silver)
they're SO CUTE!
omg i can't resist lol
i already have a hello kitty charm necklace (pure gold). and to complete those collection, finally I found this charm bracelet and the ring too! of course the earring is a little bit different, but it still hello kitty! :D
happy happy

nude on nude !

I bought this pretty lip color and nail polish by REVLON last week!

oh i love nude color!
do you agree with me? :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I love my YSL in grey!
but still can't wear it, gosh! :(
I think it's 15cm high. omg

how pretty they are!! :) :) :)

77's pallete!

I really loves this MAC 77s eyeshadow pallete that I bought last year (if i'm not wrong) hahaha it's been so so so long! i forgot when i bought this awesome pallete!
I love the color!
i bought this for only IDR 270.000 ( around SGD 40-45) lol
cheapy cheap isn't? :D

I was planning to buy a new pallete tough, coastal scents 88s pallete. but I like the 120s eyeshadow pallete, I don't know what brand is it anyway, i think it's MAC.
wish i could have them both :D

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I'm back !

It's been a while since my last blog on april. :(
So.. Now I'm back !
Get ready people :)
-xoxo, Lia♥