Saturday, January 26, 2013

Celebrity Crush: Hunter Hayes

Hello everyone, 
well today I am so excited about one person, his name is Hunter Hayes.

Familiar? HEY! You do know him right?
Did you ever heard a song named "Wanted"? Yeah, he's the singer.
OH I'm in love with this song, for REAL, the lyrics, the meaning, and the singer also #LOLOLOLL! :p
He reach 25 million viewers on Youtube!
To be honest, I barely don't know who he is, I know this song from Charlie Puth's Youtube Chanel, he did a cover song, and probably I already posted it on my blog here.

Check this video out!

This was probably the sweetest song I ever heard, but still I love Boyce Avenue "Want U Back" (Cher Lloyd cover). #lol

And can you believe that he's still 21!? Hey, he's one year older than me omg.

Well, you can't judge someone based on their age right, but he's so talented. I don't really like his voice, but this song is really really touch my heart aww

Okay, enjoy his charming faces below ;) 


Ahh I'm melting over his smile


Friday, January 18, 2013

Life is all about Learning

Hello everyone, 
I write this blog with intention and earnest (don't ever think that I have no intention at my other blog post), maybe my blogpost this time isn't like any other topic..
These days, many thing's running in my mind, whether it's a matter of life, friends, and even love life.. Well, there's no end when it comes the matter about life and love, considering all the people need "love", even the most ignorant and heartless need it.

I learned .. that not everything you want can be yours, it takes effort and hard work to have it, not everyone can think as how you think, not everyone see things in the same way you did, and not everyone can feel what you feel if they have never experienced what you have experienced.

For example, you want to know someone, but because you are afraid or shy, in the end you are discouraged to get acquainted with that person, from here..we can see that you aren't trying to let go of the fear/shame in you, as long as you don't try to let go of it, you will never move forward. I know, everyone is afraid of being rejected, but at least you can prove that you have been trying, for the next step... just pray for the best :p
I learned .. that in life, you're required to be clever in choosing a trusted friend, good at choosing a true friends, you have to be more smart, and good at everything .. I can't explain the meaning of "everything", like what I said earlier, not because I'm lazy to type it, because everyone has a different perspective about this "smart" word..

Example: when you vent to a friend, suddenly all the other friends they know but the story could be different from what you're describing .. Well, that's what they shouldn't disseminate, we told them because we're no longer can keep the problem itself, we need a good listener and who can provide us solutions, not make our problems as a gossip. Right people? :)

I learned .. that in life you do not always just "accept" it, but you are also required to learn to "give", because we needs some balance for a successful relationship, whether it's friendship or dating.

I learned .. that loving someone needed sacrifices and a strong heart, why? when you dare to fell in love, you dare to feel the pain and sick, I don't mean physically, but spiritually. (please ignore my language, I'm such a psychologist LOL!!, I was obsessed with psychology since senior high. hahaha

Pain that you feel is like a jealousy, resentment, anger, being more emotional, and the language that is the trend now is "galau "or"miris". hahaha ..

You need an example? Well here is an example, say that your partner whether she/he has an EX-bf/gf, unbeknownst to you they met (intentional/unintentional), but they don't tell you, either because they're afraid you'd be angry, or they had another reasons, no one knows in addition to his/her own.

The problem isn't that big on the first place, YEAH even though we are annoyed, at least we know from you, not from anyone else, right? The matter is actually the "honesty". Yes we admit that as a woman, we demand our partner to be honest with us, we better hear it from them than we have to heard it from the mouths of the others, as you remember this phrase, "
It's better telling the truth and make them sad rather than telling lies and makes them happy."

Yes I don't know for sure the correct sentence was like, the important thing is that you all the readers know what I mean right? #hahahaha

I learned .. when you truly love someone, no matter how much he hurts you, you can say you hate them, but deep down inside your heart, you can never hate them. There was just a sense of "angry", not "hate". Verily, you can
never hate the person you love, even if sometimes they don't deserve it, you easily forgive them because you still want them in your life.

 I learned .. when you feel hatred towards anyone, no matter what they are doing well or not, everything looks wrong in your eyes. That's the law, you won't hate someone for no reason isn't it? Just think, what makes you hate that person?

I learned .. to be more patient in this cruel life, no one ever said that life is easy, but if you believe the impossible can become possible.. Try to be more tough in living every problem of your life. In this world, there are still many people who suffer more than you, so be thankful.

I learned .. to be a good listener, sometimes people need a good listener figures, they don't want an answer, they just need a friend to share their story, not the people who always criticize and judge.

I learned .. to be the best, not in the sense of "to be", I never said I was the best .. I'm just doing the best I can do and the best I can give..

I learned .. to become a person who is open-minded, in the sense that can express what is in my mind, and also someone who can look in any widespread problems.

I learned .. to be someone who is not a hypocrite, you can see, if I don't like someone, I won't pretend to like them. I don't say much, just be a good listener.

I learned .. to be able to accept the situation, as time goes by and being older and older each year, we are all faced with "problems", even children who are still young, they're having a trouble too, basically people have problems since they're still a kiddo, just being older and older our problems are also become more severe, have patience & be strong.

I learned .. that to have a happy life is not complicated, do what you think is right, do whatever makes you happy, be with people who supported the you, be with those who make you happy, ignore those who want to bring you down, life is too short to worry about what people's negative thoughts, well.. sorry haters, I don't give a f*ck, you know haters gonna hate. :)

I know, it's not easy being a perfect figure, because you know.. no one is perfect, it isn't easy to be patience in facing the problem, but everything will be okay in the end..

"Those who patient enough will always gets the rights, as God sees, and acts, believe that you deserve to be happy, so.. don't give up!" :) 

Well I think this is the end of this un-usual post today, I'll see ya on the next post y'all! 


Monday, January 14, 2013

Foodism: Din Tai Fung

Hello everyone,
so this was the first time I blogged about... FOOD !
Okay, that sounds too much hahaha
Well, back in 24 December 2012, me and my mom-dad having lunch at Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐), it's on 4th Floor at Galaxy Mall.
Yeah few hours before Christmas, so you can tell that it's our Christmas Lunch Time. #lol

As you may know before, Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) is an award-winning restaurant originating in Taiwan, specialising in xiaolongbao (small steamed buns). Outside its native Taiwan, Din Tai Fung (鼎泰豐) also has branches in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United States and Thailand.
The characters in the name mean:
, a type of cooking cauldron;
, peaceful; and
, abundant.

You can read more of Din Tai Fung history here.

No more talking, enjoy the "mouth-tempting" photos of our food :p

 yummy bubble milk-tea
 crab-corn soup
 fried calamari
 chicken feet
seafood udon
 seafood fried rice
the legendary xiao long bao
mango sago pudding

I only can describe in one word,
But yeah, the portions is a little bit too small I think, looking on their price, their price is average, but for small plate, I think it obviously a little expensive if you compared with Dynasty Paradise at Ciputra World.

But no worries, it's all about culinary right, if you don't dare to try something new, you will never know which is the best. :D

end of post!
seeyou in another FOODISM post ;)


Friday, January 11, 2013

Military: A beautiful true love story

One day, a young guy and a young girl fell in love.But the guy came from a poor family. The girl’s parents weren’t too happy. So the young man decided not only to court the girl but to court her parents as well. In time, the parents saw that he was a good man and was worthy of their daughter’s hand.

But there was another problem: The man was a soldier. 
Soon, war broke out and he was being sent overseas for a year.
The week before he left,
the man knelt on his knee and asked his lady love, “Will you marry me?” 
She wiped a tear, said yes, and they were engaged.
They agreed that when he got back in one year, they would get married.

But tragedy struck. A few days after he left, the girl had a major vehicular accident. It was a head-on collision. When she woke up in the hospital, she saw her father and mother crying. Immediately, she knew there was something wrong.

She later found out that she suffered brain injury. The part of her brain that controlled her face muscles was damaged. Her once lovely face was now disfigured. She cried as she saw herself in the mirror. “Yesterday, I was beautiful. Today, I’m a monster.” Her body was also covered with so many ugly wounds.

Right there and then, she decided to release her fiancé from their promise. She knew he wouldn’t want her anymore. She would forget about him and never see him again.
For one year, the soldier wrote many letters—but she wouldn’t answer. He phoned her many times but she wouldn’t return her calls.

But after one year, 
the mother walked into her room and announced, “He’s back from the war.”
The girl shouted, “No! Please don’t tell him about me. Don’t tell him I’m here!”
The mother said, “He’s getting married,” and handed her a wedding invitation.
The girl’s heart sank.
She knew she still loved him—but she had to forget him now.
With great sadness, she opened the wedding invitation.
And then she saw her name on it!
Confused, she asked, “What is this?”

That was when the young man entered her room with a bouquet of flowers.
He knelt beside her and asked, “Will you marry me?”
The girl covered her face with her hands and said, “I’m ugly!”
The man said,
“Without your permission, your mother sent me your photos. When I saw your photos, I realized that nothing has changed. You’re still the person I fell in love. You’re still as beautiful as ever. Because I love you!

Author Unknown

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

10.000 visitors!

Hello everyone,
whoaaa! I am SO excited, why?
I got 10.000 visitors on my blog today! #lol

Well I know I am not a blogger, I only type and write things that running in my mind, my life, and I share what I thought, well my blog is so boring right? #hahaha :p
But, I have to say many many thanks to those who reads my blog :)
It means a lot to me!
I promise I will blog more soon and improve my blog-ing ability. #LOLOLOLL!

Have a great day fellas!


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Old and New 2012 - 2013

Hello everyone,
so today's post is all about old & new 2012 - 2013!
Hahahaha... Oh okay, I think there's nothing to be laughed of. -__-"
Back to the topic!

On December'31, me and my friends is having a little celebrations at My Photohouse office, well one of my friend is a photographer, and he invited the other to join the Barbeque Party there, we arrived at 9 p.m, and yeah it's raining outside. There are more than 20 people who attended the BBQ party that day..

Okay I don't need to say much, here's the pictures of us! :)
Nothing more interesting than seeing the pictures right? lol.

More photos coming soon! :p
Some photos was taken by Chesoen (Aurea Photography) & Mahardhika Anggono (MA Fotografia).

Wishing you all having a joyful & blessed new year! :)
I'll see ya in the next post guys!