Sunday, January 26, 2014

Korean Healthy Glowing Face

Hello everyone,
so here I am again today with another makeup courtesy. *hahaha*
Today I would blogged about looking healthy with glowing radiant face like a Korean Artist, oh well let's say this is another korean makeup look, except the eyebrows.
I hate flat eyebrows!
Well actually this look is so easy to made, but you know me, I better arrived late than being ugly for not preparing so well. Ohhhh it's weekend, it's just once in a week, so why not prepared your best *hahaha sorry for being so alay*

I hate it when I have to rush, especially when it comes to makeup, I wanted to look perfect, for at least once a week. So it took me a long time to achieve the perfect look *in my opinion* for 2 hours min? hahahaha 2 HOURS! But if I had to rush, 30 mins is enough. LOL

So, here's the selca!
C'mon take a look..

Y U like my statement necklace? :)

The products that I've used is mostly the same, except the fake lashes. And the secret of radiant & glowing face is MAC mineralize skinfinish. And oh I use SEPHORA blush too, and so so so in love from the first time I use it yesterday. It's just the same as the MAC, and with the cheap price of course. I totally forgot that I have this, remember when my brother's going to KL? I told him to go to sephora to buy me some makeup stuffs. HAHAHAHAHA :D

You can use it as a highlighter also. But I recommend use NYX mosaic powder #01 highlighter. I've been using for few months. I think almost a year. And completely love it, because it contains few different color for highlighting color. Such as off white, white, to purple or blue.

Oh well, that's all I have to say for now.
Ah today I'm going out with my family, and I just prepared as usual, as my daily makeup routine.
Then my dad & bro said, "You look better like this than yesterday. Yesterday, your face looks so evil."
WHAT THEEEE..........
I took about 2 hours to make that face yesterday dad, and you compared it with 10 minutes makeup? Oh well, I admit it, I look older with full makeup. But what can I do, I love to experience with makeup, my face is just like my own canvas for sure.
Well I guess I need to change a little less. Yeah, less is more right?

Then, see you in another post!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daily Makeup Routine

Hello everyone,
so here I am today with another makeup talk, as you already know I can't resist any kind of makeup, but I am too lazy to do my makeup on weekdays.
Yeah, as a MUA (make-up artist), a lot of us surely ever feel the same, lazy to put on makeup frequently, we love to make people look pretty but we also forgot that we need it too.
What's MUA if you didn't like a MUA, I mean uhm let's just say be pretty lah, wear eyebrows and powder is just enough. Don't go out from your house without makeup, DON'T!!!
That's what my mom and grandma said. And I'll keep that in mind.

So, we're just straight to the point,
here's the picture of me with LESS makeup on..
Oh, don't judge, I had those slanting eyes for real.
C'mon take a look!

And here's the product that I've used..

SEPHORA sundisc
MAC mineralize skinfinish
NYX rouge cream blush
MAYBELLINE foundation powder
MAYBELLINE brow pencil

Here's the zoom-zoom!

 i LOVE this mac!
been using since grade 8!

I'm so in loveeee with the MAC skinfinish, it makes my face look more healthy and dewy. And the color also mad gorgeous. Trust me! It worth for 400k price, well it's about around $40 I guess. But I bet that Indonesian sells a lot more expensive than the other city, I mean like US or Singapore, due the $$$. hahaha

That's all I've use for my daily makeup routine, and that's just 1/4 of stuffs that I'm using on weekend. hahahaha I'll let you know if I had some spare time to take those stuffs.

As you can see, I'm not that type of girl who loves to use eyeliner daily, I hat it when it comes to the clean up part. Even I already use the waterproof makeup remover, the eyeliner still there, especially on the lash line. Well maybe I use the pen liner instead of gel liner.
And as you can see on the picture, I got the eyebags under my eyes. Oh well I know I've got a lag of sleep recently. And now I'm trying to maintain a good time sleep, even it's a hard work to do, remembering that I'm an insomniac. lol

So, that's enough for today, and I was thinking what I have to blogged about next..
Until the next post guys..


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

K-Pop Inspired

Hello everyone,
so here I am today as I promise you a week ago to post what I've use to make a masterpiece on my face on last last weekend. *hehe*
If you forget, here's the pictures!

DERMACOLOR FOUNDATION (for highlight & contour)
ELIANTO EYESHADOW "pearl white" 
SILKY GIRL BROW PENCIL "02 dark brown"
ETUDE COLOR MY BROWS "#03 red brown"
REVLON COLOR STAY "#360 pink indulgence"

Here's the final result :

Ah haven't I told you that I'm a little bit obsessed with K-Pop in few weeks ago? Well yeah! I just bought that denim acid wash rocker jacket *hahaha* I love those jacket! It has a lot of studs in the back, I'll show you later, I promise! And for the hair, I just cut it short and curl it up. OHHH I loveeeee~

So, that's all the products I've been using recently on daily weekend.
It looks like too much products that I've used, but really it's worth it!
See the result right? *tehee*
Well, I didn't recommend to use the dermacolor to contour or highlight if you had a DRY skin, it makes your skin more DRIED you know, the use of dermacolor is to set the oil on your face, so your face didn't look oily, and it works! The makeup still okay after few hour, but ughh I got a pimple on my cheek. :-/

And I'm going to show you how to do your makeup for daily basis.
Until the next post ladies..


Wednesday, January 15, 2014


So, this is my random post for today, and this will be the last before I go to sleep, reminding me how warm-hearted ME back then..
I've made this quotes for the one and only boy I loved on his birthday back then, well in the past few years ago. Even though now I've lost him, hahaha.
So it's called "throwback", and I kinda likey this quote of mine.
Well, if some people are meant to be together, eventually they will, maybe not today, just someday.
No offense dear, I only remember in need to let go.. :)
The best things in life is..  
Knowing that someone loves you more than you ever know,

I know I may be selfish sometimes,
but I know you can handle it,

You know how to treat me well,
like I'm the only one for you, 
Thank you for ever making me feel so special,

I love every single thing you did to me,

Like how you sing to me,
I like the way you say you love me,

The way you missed me,
The way you laugh, 
The way you hug me,
and The way you look at me,
 and one thing, 
I love the way you smile,
I love it more if I am the reason!
  I miss the time when we had a very long conversation on the phone, 
Even I didn't say much, cus I love to hear your sweet voices,
 Thank you for the bear also, 
I just pretend that it's you when you're not around,  
I know that's not the same as if you're here though..
 Wishing you had a great and awesome birthday there baby, 
Oh I really wish you're still here!

We don't know what could happen tomorrow, 
If we're meant to be together, we will be together :) 
Your happiness is my happiness too, 
And if there comes a time when we can't be together, 
Keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever. 

No matter what happen in the future, 
but one thing you should know,

I love you more than yesterday, and I don't want to lose you!

It's hard to believe that I finally found someone like you,
and I wish I don't have to find another you.
I don't have to say it out loud,
but you know that
I love you unconditionally! 

The beginning of 2014

Hello everyone,
so long I didn't catch up with y'all guys!
Happy so late New Year everyone
Wish that the goods following us till the end of year 2014, and may the bad goes away.
Ah it's been 2 weeks after new year right, and this is my first post in 2014!
So sorry, been really busy lately..

As you may know, if you really catch up with my instagram or facebook, you may know that I got my first short haircut after a year not cutting it. Oh well, first I thought it was a bad idea, but you know me, when I want to do something, I would, no distance can fight me. hahahaha #soLEBAY.
Yeah, haircut done at Shinjuku Hairmake at G-Walk. YOU KNOW, G-WALK! Which Shinjuku also open their salon near my house, oh poor me, I need my haircut done by Audid, he's the owner.
And also got my first perm hair for FREE, but I regret doing it. :(

So, not much to say, here take a look!
And I put some pictures with my super massive beautiful and gorgeous makeup on, also with my party buddies!
LOLOLOLL (sounds too much) :p

For the makeup details, seeyou on the next POST everyone :D
I'm, going to bed early for 3 days, cus I've got an exam for my makeup classes.