Thursday, January 23, 2014

Daily Makeup Routine

Hello everyone,
so here I am today with another makeup talk, as you already know I can't resist any kind of makeup, but I am too lazy to do my makeup on weekdays.
Yeah, as a MUA (make-up artist), a lot of us surely ever feel the same, lazy to put on makeup frequently, we love to make people look pretty but we also forgot that we need it too.
What's MUA if you didn't like a MUA, I mean uhm let's just say be pretty lah, wear eyebrows and powder is just enough. Don't go out from your house without makeup, DON'T!!!
That's what my mom and grandma said. And I'll keep that in mind.

So, we're just straight to the point,
here's the picture of me with LESS makeup on..
Oh, don't judge, I had those slanting eyes for real.
C'mon take a look!

And here's the product that I've used..

SEPHORA sundisc
MAC mineralize skinfinish
NYX rouge cream blush
MAYBELLINE foundation powder
MAYBELLINE brow pencil

Here's the zoom-zoom!

 i LOVE this mac!
been using since grade 8!

I'm so in loveeee with the MAC skinfinish, it makes my face look more healthy and dewy. And the color also mad gorgeous. Trust me! It worth for 400k price, well it's about around $40 I guess. But I bet that Indonesian sells a lot more expensive than the other city, I mean like US or Singapore, due the $$$. hahaha

That's all I've use for my daily makeup routine, and that's just 1/4 of stuffs that I'm using on weekend. hahahaha I'll let you know if I had some spare time to take those stuffs.

As you can see, I'm not that type of girl who loves to use eyeliner daily, I hat it when it comes to the clean up part. Even I already use the waterproof makeup remover, the eyeliner still there, especially on the lash line. Well maybe I use the pen liner instead of gel liner.
And as you can see on the picture, I got the eyebags under my eyes. Oh well I know I've got a lag of sleep recently. And now I'm trying to maintain a good time sleep, even it's a hard work to do, remembering that I'm an insomniac. lol

So, that's enough for today, and I was thinking what I have to blogged about next..
Until the next post guys..


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