Sunday, January 26, 2014

Korean Healthy Glowing Face

Hello everyone,
so here I am again today with another makeup courtesy. *hahaha*
Today I would blogged about looking healthy with glowing radiant face like a Korean Artist, oh well let's say this is another korean makeup look, except the eyebrows.
I hate flat eyebrows!
Well actually this look is so easy to made, but you know me, I better arrived late than being ugly for not preparing so well. Ohhhh it's weekend, it's just once in a week, so why not prepared your best *hahaha sorry for being so alay*

I hate it when I have to rush, especially when it comes to makeup, I wanted to look perfect, for at least once a week. So it took me a long time to achieve the perfect look *in my opinion* for 2 hours min? hahahaha 2 HOURS! But if I had to rush, 30 mins is enough. LOL

So, here's the selca!
C'mon take a look..

Y U like my statement necklace? :)

The products that I've used is mostly the same, except the fake lashes. And the secret of radiant & glowing face is MAC mineralize skinfinish. And oh I use SEPHORA blush too, and so so so in love from the first time I use it yesterday. It's just the same as the MAC, and with the cheap price of course. I totally forgot that I have this, remember when my brother's going to KL? I told him to go to sephora to buy me some makeup stuffs. HAHAHAHAHA :D

You can use it as a highlighter also. But I recommend use NYX mosaic powder #01 highlighter. I've been using for few months. I think almost a year. And completely love it, because it contains few different color for highlighting color. Such as off white, white, to purple or blue.

Oh well, that's all I have to say for now.
Ah today I'm going out with my family, and I just prepared as usual, as my daily makeup routine.
Then my dad & bro said, "You look better like this than yesterday. Yesterday, your face looks so evil."
WHAT THEEEE..........
I took about 2 hours to make that face yesterday dad, and you compared it with 10 minutes makeup? Oh well, I admit it, I look older with full makeup. But what can I do, I love to experience with makeup, my face is just like my own canvas for sure.
Well I guess I need to change a little less. Yeah, less is more right?

Then, see you in another post!


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