Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hate un-friendly sellers!

hey everyone,
I'm feeling very MAD now, you know why?

I think you know lah.. just by reading my title above!
I hate that shop online sellers who are not friendly
I was going to buy the goods and be a reseller!
when I recently asked via sms 1x, because they do not serve via message from facebook!
it's weird, they told us (buyers) to sent sms instead msg from facebook, well they responded my sms earlier (just one time!), but when I sms in their numbers for twice in the other day, they do not respond, and also they block my facebook! WTF!
whether you should be called a seller!?!?

A good seller must be friendly even if the buyer was chatty!
A good salesman is at least respond to customer questions while the old back!
A good salesman is not picky!
A good salesman must respect the customer, because the buyer (customer) is da bomb ( the king i mean)!

Sellers should not behave like what I told above, there's no mistake the buyer / customer all of a sudden blocking facebook! WTF!

that's so annoying!
I've been buying stuffs mostly online and this is my FIRST TIME getting annoyed by one online shop!! I don't even once buy from them in fact, BUT that was a very bad FIRST IMPRESSION! how come a seller can act like that!? WTF!

am I wrong? we're the buyers and buyers DO ask sellers about their stuffs and often sending them comments! wtf you people!
I'm not going to mention the name of this fucking terrible & annoying online shop.
BUT, if they don't respond me AGAIN, sure I will mention your fuckin' company!

thanks for reading my crap-blog today,
SORRY FOR THOSE mean-WORDS ABOVE, you know how mad I am right?
xoxo !

Monday, December 26, 2011

My New Adorable Banner !

finally my banner is finished and READY to show you guys :))

Hello Kitty Banner

 Vintage Banner

Victorian Ladies Banner

Butterflies Dancer Banner

Which one I should choose?
I think the hello kitty!
I LOVEEEE hello kitty ;)


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Very Berry Merry Christmas !

Hello everyone !
wishing you loads of JOY & HAPPINESS in years to come !

OMG today is a very tiring day along day week ever!
you know why?
I woke up at 6 am and must take a bath!
Because today my family went to my grandfather's grave, because this is Christmas and it is our routine every year.
I, grandmother, mother, father, and my second brother visit to the graveyard today, minus my first brother, sister in law, and my nephew.
As usual, no response whether they want to come or not, wtf!

AND, do you know!? Today I would like have a heart attack!
When we returned to home, my mother clean the face and get ready for a shower (because we just got back from the grave, so we have to clean the body and wash our clothes, for some reason but it is a necessity)
Ok, back to the topic!
I was sitting relaxing in my living room sofa chair and was playing the iPad, whereas my father came into the room and was asleep (then at 3 pm), and since I am also a little sleepy and had closed her eyes with iPad in my hands , all of a sudden .....
you know that the sound of shattering glass! WTF!
and you should know, my bathroom door was broken several times and seemed to be replaced!
The glass that brokes earlier was my BATHROOM door! And my mother was in the bathroom, the glass was broken from the door, the handle was broken, then the glass embedded and finally fall!
OMG! can you imagine that!?
thank GOD my mother was not hurt! only scratched the glass on her little finger!
I was shocked! : ((
I've told my dad that it should be replaced the door, it's very dangerous, especially after what had happened, he finally agreed! * Roar *
AND, you Should know! It happen just because my oldest brother when taking a shower is always close the door VERY tight, and very difficult to open that door when he's out from the shower, ultimately that's what happened, DOOR CRACKED, THE GLASS BROKEN AND SPLITS! WTF!
when he did not need to close the door like that, already knew the door was broken! * grins *
And again who wants to peek at him, huh?

I hope that was the LAST TIME it EVER happen!
Okay end of this POST
Check it out soon ;)

Once again, have a very berry merry christmas ! LOL ;)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Midnight Kiss by Michelle Phan a.k.a RiceBunny

Hey everyone,
so today I was surfering YouTube and guess what!
I see that Michelle Phan is uploading a new video on her channel! wtf
I am her big fans, even i don't know what's her fave books, food, or whatever..
BUT, I like her SO MUCH ! ;)

Check this out people!
Another tutorial video by Michelle Phan, and guess what it is !
It's Midnight Kiss ! *okay okay the title have said it all" :D
look! that's Justin Chon from Twilight, they (read: Michelle & Justin) were KISSING!!!! ;) ;)
calm down people, and enjoy ;p
well watch it till the end and you'll know what's really happen LOL!


Justin Chon Page:

The music is now on i-Tunes!

Music by
"Midnight Light"

Late Night Alumni
" No or Yes"
"You Can Be The One"

Source music from


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !

Hey everyone!
It's 22nd on December and you know what? it's mother's day!!
how fast the time flies! lol
and there are also praying tomorrow to commemorate the death of my grandmother's day.
she died at 1983 if I'm not wrong.
I certainly have not been born that year, how could I have known her, I only know her through photographs, as well as my grandfather, he died at 1991 if I remember correctly, by the way they are the parents of my father.
and my mom's father which is my grandfather died in 2001 : (
and now remains only a grandmother from my mother, who is none other than my mother's mother ..

so tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of the grandmother of my father! * lest you be confused with all my babbling above *
sorry with my long story before, now back to the main topic! LOL


(this is my grandma and my mom) ^^
happy mother's day to all mothers of the world!
I wish you all happy at this mother's day, and also hope nothing but the best!
I hope all children in the world is a happy mother's day, not just for today I mean, but forever, as long as we still breathe, as long as we are still alive, as long as they're still beside us!


Mother is a person who is always there for you when you're sad, when you're happy, when you're sick, and when we need her!
so make her happy while we still can,
maybe our mothers are a talkative person,
only for our good.
probably was a bad mother (read: like mad),

maybe once she hit us (read: not hitting in the sense of torture),
it teaches us good / bad things we do.
mother will not hit her child when the child according to what she said ..

We often whine when we want to buy toys, even though she was angry, she still buys us toys ..
We often ask for something expensive items, and we knew she was having trouble finding the money, sometimes we get angry when she vows to buy only the stuff, though it takes long to get the stuff, she still bought what you want..

Mother was angry when we buy clothes every time we go to the mall, or wherever we go, but when we go with her, she will buy clothes that we like even though in the end she will grumble because buying clothes again ..
Often we ask for something just to show that we can / could have it, although it is not so important ..
Often times we ask our mothers to buy the latest type of mobile phone and it's really expensive, just because your friends are using the latest mobile phone type and model that really is not much different from the old model.

Can you imagine that? She raised us from a toddler to this BIG, can you imagine how care she is, when we're crying in the middle of the night just because we're hungry or thirsty, she wake and feed us.
when we're peeing in her bed, broke some glasses, or often make her mad, she never complain.

My Mom is my Role Model
My Mom is my Hero

okay this is the end of this POST :)
hope that you're enjoy the mother's day!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

follow my TUMBLR !

hey everyone! :)

follow me on my TUMBLR page !

I shared  photos about some cute stuffs, fashion, nail art, heels, shoes, bags, models, actress & actor, and so on! ;)

reblog and like photos which you like the most :)
and ask me some questions too
without being anonymous :p

thankyou ! :)

new banner!

I think the title above says it all ..
I'm planning to make a new banner for my blog (though not necessarily there who read my blog, LOL)
at least, though few people who read my blog and see that this boring, still it must be renewed! :)
you agree with me?

I haven't thought about anything, I just open the computer and launch Photoshop just me, but has not been touched at all! * wtf! *

I will definitely mengepost new blog banner when I've finished! yayy!
I hope my bright idea will appear as soon as possible (sounds like a master!): p
and also i will post new photos that I think is interesting, and I want to know what your pndapat later:)

okay let's end it up here now
seeya then!

Monday, December 19, 2011

MANGO end of sale up to 50% !

hey everyone!
long time no see :)
you know what??
it's ALMOST 2012 !
and MANGO is now on sale UP TO 50% *superLOVE* :D

I've got only one black basic long sleeve shirt :(
but, it's ONLY IDR 99.000 MAD love!
and if you or your parents have a MEGA cardholder (credit card) you've got additionally 10% on each items!
so I got this long sleeve shirt for IDR 89.000 ! happy or WHAT?

take a look!

and 6 days to go before CHRISTMAS!
i LOVE christmas, except the fact that i am NOT going anywhere :(
I do have some plan to go to singapore, but I didn't get any information from my friend is she want to go with me or with her parents :(
so I think it's a NO.. *hell no* so sad!
but I think I'd rather stay at my hometown and going to have dinner with my friends, wish it was a great idea tough.

okay that's all for now,
don't forget to go to church ;)
(LOL kinda weird of the end of this post)
see ya then!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

First of December!! :)

Hey everyone!
It's been quite awhile from the last time I blogged here. :(
and today is the 1st of December! OMG
happy! :)
I was planning to go to Singapore this month, hopefully I can fulfill it!
Just wait for my friends to decide it soon HUFF

wishing you all the best on this December! :)