Sunday, December 25, 2011

Very Berry Merry Christmas !

Hello everyone !
wishing you loads of JOY & HAPPINESS in years to come !

OMG today is a very tiring day along day week ever!
you know why?
I woke up at 6 am and must take a bath!
Because today my family went to my grandfather's grave, because this is Christmas and it is our routine every year.
I, grandmother, mother, father, and my second brother visit to the graveyard today, minus my first brother, sister in law, and my nephew.
As usual, no response whether they want to come or not, wtf!

AND, do you know!? Today I would like have a heart attack!
When we returned to home, my mother clean the face and get ready for a shower (because we just got back from the grave, so we have to clean the body and wash our clothes, for some reason but it is a necessity)
Ok, back to the topic!
I was sitting relaxing in my living room sofa chair and was playing the iPad, whereas my father came into the room and was asleep (then at 3 pm), and since I am also a little sleepy and had closed her eyes with iPad in my hands , all of a sudden .....
you know that the sound of shattering glass! WTF!
and you should know, my bathroom door was broken several times and seemed to be replaced!
The glass that brokes earlier was my BATHROOM door! And my mother was in the bathroom, the glass was broken from the door, the handle was broken, then the glass embedded and finally fall!
OMG! can you imagine that!?
thank GOD my mother was not hurt! only scratched the glass on her little finger!
I was shocked! : ((
I've told my dad that it should be replaced the door, it's very dangerous, especially after what had happened, he finally agreed! * Roar *
AND, you Should know! It happen just because my oldest brother when taking a shower is always close the door VERY tight, and very difficult to open that door when he's out from the shower, ultimately that's what happened, DOOR CRACKED, THE GLASS BROKEN AND SPLITS! WTF!
when he did not need to close the door like that, already knew the door was broken! * grins *
And again who wants to peek at him, huh?

I hope that was the LAST TIME it EVER happen!
Okay end of this POST
Check it out soon ;)

Once again, have a very berry merry christmas ! LOL ;)

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