Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Mother's Day !

Hey everyone!
It's 22nd on December and you know what? it's mother's day!!
how fast the time flies! lol
and there are also praying tomorrow to commemorate the death of my grandmother's day.
she died at 1983 if I'm not wrong.
I certainly have not been born that year, how could I have known her, I only know her through photographs, as well as my grandfather, he died at 1991 if I remember correctly, by the way they are the parents of my father.
and my mom's father which is my grandfather died in 2001 : (
and now remains only a grandmother from my mother, who is none other than my mother's mother ..

so tomorrow is the anniversary of the death of the grandmother of my father! * lest you be confused with all my babbling above *
sorry with my long story before, now back to the main topic! LOL


(this is my grandma and my mom) ^^
happy mother's day to all mothers of the world!
I wish you all happy at this mother's day, and also hope nothing but the best!
I hope all children in the world is a happy mother's day, not just for today I mean, but forever, as long as we still breathe, as long as we are still alive, as long as they're still beside us!


Mother is a person who is always there for you when you're sad, when you're happy, when you're sick, and when we need her!
so make her happy while we still can,
maybe our mothers are a talkative person,
only for our good.
probably was a bad mother (read: like mad),

maybe once she hit us (read: not hitting in the sense of torture),
it teaches us good / bad things we do.
mother will not hit her child when the child according to what she said ..

We often whine when we want to buy toys, even though she was angry, she still buys us toys ..
We often ask for something expensive items, and we knew she was having trouble finding the money, sometimes we get angry when she vows to buy only the stuff, though it takes long to get the stuff, she still bought what you want..

Mother was angry when we buy clothes every time we go to the mall, or wherever we go, but when we go with her, she will buy clothes that we like even though in the end she will grumble because buying clothes again ..
Often we ask for something just to show that we can / could have it, although it is not so important ..
Often times we ask our mothers to buy the latest type of mobile phone and it's really expensive, just because your friends are using the latest mobile phone type and model that really is not much different from the old model.

Can you imagine that? She raised us from a toddler to this BIG, can you imagine how care she is, when we're crying in the middle of the night just because we're hungry or thirsty, she wake and feed us.
when we're peeing in her bed, broke some glasses, or often make her mad, she never complain.

My Mom is my Role Model
My Mom is my Hero

okay this is the end of this POST :)
hope that you're enjoy the mother's day!


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