Monday, December 19, 2011

MANGO end of sale up to 50% !

hey everyone!
long time no see :)
you know what??
it's ALMOST 2012 !
and MANGO is now on sale UP TO 50% *superLOVE* :D

I've got only one black basic long sleeve shirt :(
but, it's ONLY IDR 99.000 MAD love!
and if you or your parents have a MEGA cardholder (credit card) you've got additionally 10% on each items!
so I got this long sleeve shirt for IDR 89.000 ! happy or WHAT?

take a look!

and 6 days to go before CHRISTMAS!
i LOVE christmas, except the fact that i am NOT going anywhere :(
I do have some plan to go to singapore, but I didn't get any information from my friend is she want to go with me or with her parents :(
so I think it's a NO.. *hell no* so sad!
but I think I'd rather stay at my hometown and going to have dinner with my friends, wish it was a great idea tough.

okay that's all for now,
don't forget to go to church ;)
(LOL kinda weird of the end of this post)
see ya then!