Thursday, December 29, 2011

I hate un-friendly sellers!

hey everyone,
I'm feeling very MAD now, you know why?

I think you know lah.. just by reading my title above!
I hate that shop online sellers who are not friendly
I was going to buy the goods and be a reseller!
when I recently asked via sms 1x, because they do not serve via message from facebook!
it's weird, they told us (buyers) to sent sms instead msg from facebook, well they responded my sms earlier (just one time!), but when I sms in their numbers for twice in the other day, they do not respond, and also they block my facebook! WTF!
whether you should be called a seller!?!?

A good seller must be friendly even if the buyer was chatty!
A good salesman is at least respond to customer questions while the old back!
A good salesman is not picky!
A good salesman must respect the customer, because the buyer (customer) is da bomb ( the king i mean)!

Sellers should not behave like what I told above, there's no mistake the buyer / customer all of a sudden blocking facebook! WTF!

that's so annoying!
I've been buying stuffs mostly online and this is my FIRST TIME getting annoyed by one online shop!! I don't even once buy from them in fact, BUT that was a very bad FIRST IMPRESSION! how come a seller can act like that!? WTF!

am I wrong? we're the buyers and buyers DO ask sellers about their stuffs and often sending them comments! wtf you people!
I'm not going to mention the name of this fucking terrible & annoying online shop.
BUT, if they don't respond me AGAIN, sure I will mention your fuckin' company!

thanks for reading my crap-blog today,
SORRY FOR THOSE mean-WORDS ABOVE, you know how mad I am right?
xoxo !

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