Friday, December 23, 2011

Midnight Kiss by Michelle Phan a.k.a RiceBunny

Hey everyone,
so today I was surfering YouTube and guess what!
I see that Michelle Phan is uploading a new video on her channel! wtf
I am her big fans, even i don't know what's her fave books, food, or whatever..
BUT, I like her SO MUCH ! ;)

Check this out people!
Another tutorial video by Michelle Phan, and guess what it is !
It's Midnight Kiss ! *okay okay the title have said it all" :D
look! that's Justin Chon from Twilight, they (read: Michelle & Justin) were KISSING!!!! ;) ;)
calm down people, and enjoy ;p
well watch it till the end and you'll know what's really happen LOL!


Justin Chon Page:

The music is now on i-Tunes!

Music by
"Midnight Light"

Late Night Alumni
" No or Yes"
"You Can Be The One"

Source music from


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