Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Rest in Peace my Grand-Uncles

 File:A Cross of Candle Light.jpg

Hello everyone,
so I just got back from Bali yesterday (Monday).
And got two bad news at the same time.
My Grand-Uncles has passed away on Sunday & Monday.

My prayers goes to both of you, may you rest in peace Giu-Kung.
I know you're now with God, be strong to those families that left behind.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday :)

Hello everyone,
well sorry for my disappearance! :(
Kinda busy with my new schedule, yea got into beauty class in a couple months.
So today I just want to say,

to someone
wishing you nothing but the best
May God bless all the things you wanna do,
have a goodluck on your career & life,
and wishing you could get anything that you truly deserve,  
have a blast!
I always pray for you..

Sie wissen, Ich liebe dich mehr, als ich jemals geliebt jemand.Ich liebe dich :)


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sonny angel kewpie ♥

Hello everyone,
guess what? My sonny angel is now here! YAY
You didn't know about sonny angel? Oh well..
Here's the official web for sonny angel.
Click here


What is Sonny Angel
Sonny Angel doesn't help your work, wake you up every morning and cook....
But Sonny Angel makes you smile, makes you happy, makes your daily life bit more delightful and, makes you crazy to collect all.
Yes, he will be your angel. Once you get crazy about Sonny Angles, you want to take him everywhere.

Sonny Angel History
Starting with an 18cm open-eyed doll, from March of 2005 a mini figure series was released, the "Animal Series 1" wearing animal headgear. After that, Vegetable and Fruit series were released in succession, and by August 2012 there are 7 different varieties of released series in total. In addition, if you include the limited time series such as the T-Shirt and Crown series, and the seasonal limited series such as the X'mas Series released annually, the total so far reaches 20 series. In Japan, we are greeting the 8th year since release, and sales figures reached 50,000 units in a year from the fourth year, and since then have maintained yearly sale figures of 50,000 units each year.

Here's some cutie picture of Sonny Angel!
I dieeeeee of their cuteness OMG




And here's some picture of my angel :D
Take a look!

Well I guess that's enough guys..
Want to have yours?
Go find to their official suppliers in your country,
for Indonesian buyers, please check at Sonny Angel Indonesia.