Monday, April 8, 2013

One year.

Hello everyone,
Sorry for my disappearing from my blog for current few weeks, been busy with course etc.
Well, as you could remember last year is the most terrific year for me, well for you too maybe. lol

Easter is on April, 8th last year. REMEMBER? haha..
Yea it's our first year anniversary IF we're still together. DUH
No judging okay. :-/
And yeah.. time flies SO SO SO SO fast!

You have no idea, if we tried to remember everything, we've change so much, we grow old, we're maturer than last year, we changed a lot, A LOT, from our lifestyle, our behavior, our job, our careers, our life, almost everything changed.
Did you realize it? I realize. Yes in my opinion, I've changed a lot! haha :)
And to be honest.. Last year, I never imagine my life would be like this today. Who the hell knows our future right? Money comes and goes, People comes and goes, Friends comes and goes, Problems comes and goes, etc. Note this, I didn't complaining okay?

I don't know what I have to say again,
Guess you know what I wanna say.. :)

p.s. i love you


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