Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fresh New Start

Hello everyone,
oh um about the title.. I'm just confuse to pick any title, as you already know that I just got my new haircut on Friday. and freaking LOVE it.
Lots of my friends asked me WHY did I cut my hair so short. Easy. I'm just got boring with long hair, as you know that I love experiments especially with my hair. One thing I haven't experiments yet is to dying my hair to ash, or maybe ombre.

So, here's my new haircut!!
I got my haircut at Shinjuku Hairmake by Audid (the owner itself).

After haircut 

After styling (by Audid)
 Styled by myself
Only blowdry 
Only blowdry

Love it or not?
Oh I got those kind of hairstyle from here..
Dude I'm a fan! See her instagram, I love her style, her makeup, and her hair.. Oh maybe I was inpired by Shailene Woodley too in Insurgent. LOL!

So, you want to see the before-after pic of my hair transformations?
Here it is.. :')

YES I am a little bit upset.. Well, it's my first short haircut in current 10 years having a long hair.
Oh it's been so long since the last time.
But I love it, I look fresh really. And it doesn't take much time to styled it, and to rinse it. hahaha :)

Well some of my friends said maybe that's just me wanted to have a new life after all.
Maybe yes.
Couldn't be more agree with that statement tho.
It's been almost 3 years, I promised myself 2 years ago (well in the end of 2013 I guess) that I have to let go of what makes me sad. But I guess I'm just holding on too much.

Well that's not what this post is meant about. I'll stop here. Haha.

Oh and if you're interested to get your haircut by ko Audid just come by his place at Klampis Jaya Square 24-25 or book your appointment first by call : 031-5916163 / 031-5916164 or Line: shinjukuhairmake.

And this is not sponsored post FYI.
I blogged about this because I am 100% guarantee that his service is great!
I can never trust any hairdresser other than him. :D
Thankyou ko!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Eyebrows for Life

Hello everyone,
been so long didn't posted any of beauty post.
As you've seen at my instagram, I promised to post one of the looks I've created based on my pics there. A you can see all the comments are mostly about my eyebrows. :D
So here's the picture that I've talked about..

And the other post is this...

Please excuse the filters that I'm using hahaha.. I couldn't agree more that YES my eyebrows are too pretty that day! And I just wish that my eyebrows is kind of permanent, but sadly it's NOT. I draw it myself and blend it myself so it's not "tattoo" or "embroidery" (sulam).

Here's some pictures of me of course..

NAH thankyou for keep scrolling down :)
As you already know that I am a big fan of Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade!
I'm using the taupe & chocolate color, and damn I love how the color blends!
And as the lashes I'm currently using SILVERSWAN LASH 090 ZEMIRE, and using French 3 Tones Grey from EYELOVIN (soon be my one & only contact lenses sponsors starting April).

As for the complexions, I only use BB cream and a little bit concealer under my eye, the rest is just powder foundation, a bit of blush on & bronzer, and a highlight.

Sorry for the pale looking lips, and just so you know that was my real lip color. Too sad it's not so healthy pink lippy. Working on getting those natural pink lips from now.

And as for the eyeshadow I'm using brown matte color which is divides by two color, one is the light brown and dark brown, and I blended a little bit of black matte eyeshadow on the outter corner of my eyes (which is on the pointed line of the eyeliner).

As for the lips, FYI I didn't wear any of lip plumper, only a lip balm which is from maybelline "baby lips" in light blue color with pink tube.

Well I guess that's the end of this post.
I will soon posted more of makeup look & stuffs.
Good night darlings!


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thank GOD for your protection

I can't say that I'm thank you to GOD enough for saving my life today.
It was a very unexpected  moment ever in my life where I experience being a victim, and chasing a thief EVER. I never pictured myself would ever been in that kind of situation EVER.

So here's the real story, I stopped my car in near of Juice stand not too far from home, I was going to place mt order and back to my car, but I leave my car unlocked and my phone & bags inside, and the engine still on. Then suddenly there's a man well I said a little strange, he peek into my car through the glass and open my car's door, and I go back and shout "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!!". Then he grabs my phone which is samsung note 3 and run, me myself chasing after him, and shout "a THIEF", then the people around there starts chasing him too, then he throw away my phone back and I stops chasing him then back to my car and lock it.

Can you imagine how it is, I still trembling after that.
I wasn't think too long then start to chase him directly, I was just thinking if I chase him and then he brought a friend to help him to get rid of me, OH MY GOD,
thankyou to those people who helped me to chase him.
It is good to know that he's now in police station.
Thank you GOD for your protection, if it's not you, I wouldn't be able to write this now.
Through a lot of mistakes I've done, you still help and be there for me even if you're nowhere to be seen.