Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Thank GOD for your protection

I can't say that I'm thank you to GOD enough for saving my life today.
It was a very unexpected  moment ever in my life where I experience being a victim, and chasing a thief EVER. I never pictured myself would ever been in that kind of situation EVER.

So here's the real story, I stopped my car in near of Juice stand not too far from home, I was going to place mt order and back to my car, but I leave my car unlocked and my phone & bags inside, and the engine still on. Then suddenly there's a man well I said a little strange, he peek into my car through the glass and open my car's door, and I go back and shout "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!!". Then he grabs my phone which is samsung note 3 and run, me myself chasing after him, and shout "a THIEF", then the people around there starts chasing him too, then he throw away my phone back and I stops chasing him then back to my car and lock it.

Can you imagine how it is, I still trembling after that.
I wasn't think too long then start to chase him directly, I was just thinking if I chase him and then he brought a friend to help him to get rid of me, OH MY GOD,
thankyou to those people who helped me to chase him.
It is good to know that he's now in police station.
Thank you GOD for your protection, if it's not you, I wouldn't be able to write this now.
Through a lot of mistakes I've done, you still help and be there for me even if you're nowhere to be seen.

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