Tuesday, January 1, 2013

feliz año nuevo 2013

Hello everyone in the Universe!
Greetings from Indonesia,
Wishing you nothing but all the best..
May your dreams and everything you wants in life can be achieved..
I had my own incomplete  & unsuccessful missions last year, so I need to accomplish it.. :) 
I hope 2013 is my IT year, remembering that 2012 doesn't run well enough, even I'm not feeling so excited about new year, remembering that nothing special's happen. Just wanna say, thanks for the good & the bad memories in 2012, just let go of the pasts and looking forward for a better life in 2013. Thank you for those who filled my life in past 2012, thank you for the good and the bad time, thank you for those who stay beside me when I'm happy or sad, I'm so blessed I could spent another year with y'all, please takecare of me once again yea.. :)

Have a great and joyful new year!


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