Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabriella Natasha Loekito

Hello everyone,
It's my bestie birthday on December'26


Wishing you nothing but the BEST my bestie for ages,
wishing you had a great birthday ever, you're now 20, but still.. "WE" ARE YOUNG.. but you're not FREE, I am FREE! hahaha :D

Love you no matter what,
thanks for staying by my side in good or bad times, up and down, tough I'm annoying sometimes, but trust me I am so grateful and lucky to have you as my BFF, my sisters, my partner in crime, and the best from the best!

Hope our friendship will LAST until we can no longer walk, and have no strength to go shopping together & always together until death do us apart! lol
Well.. the best for you dehh ;)

Because she's still at Singapore to celebrate her Birthday with her boyfie & friends, me and my friend give her surprise one day after her Birthday, it's on December'27 , which mean it's a late surprise, my friend bought a Mocha Cake just like what Gaby's requested, hahaha!

Here's the picture of us that day..
Go take a look! 

 The requested Mocha Cake

 oh sh*t I'm so fat! :'(

Seeyou in the next post guys! ;)



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