Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Feliz Navidad

Hello everyone,
greetings from ME and my big family
wishing you all the best in another years to come!
Oh time flies really fast right? It's almost 2013!
WOW, can't thank enough to our greatest & almighty GOD, HE did such a really amazing job to our life! :)

So today I'm going to church with my brother & his friends (this is a SUPER RARE condition), they're Tony, Yoviena, and Theresia. You know why did I say it's a SUPER RARE condition? Yeah, when it comes about "bro-sis quality time" LOL, my brother won't allow me to join him, #wtf. Well idk why, but today I am kinda surprised too when I ask him if it possible if I join him to go to the church, as you may know that today is Christmas.. and he did say YES. #lololololl it may sound hilarious or too much, but I AM SURPRISED!

Okay enough,
so here's some picture of us today..

 with ce Theresia

 hello there LOL!

 Yoviena, Tony, Theresia, Me, Brother


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