Wednesday, December 12, 2012

once in a lifetime

Hello everyone,
you may wonder about the title above, why it's "once in a lifetime" right?
as you can see, today is 12.12.12, which means that today is the rare date in current 1000years from now. lol
Yeah, as you know people out there would do any special things on the special date (like today), such like being in a relationship with someone, married, having a baby, and so on.
Well yeah I admit it, the date was great and it's RARE okay. It happens only once in your lifetime, yeah could be possible if you live for another thousand years from now. :p

Talking about once in a lifetime, I just wondered that back then.. I used to keep my hope that I will find someone, I mean that one man who's my first love to be my first boyfriend and could be my first and the last husband. hahahaha 

Hey don't laugh, who wants to play with love, love is not a game right?
Yeah who knows, we're just hoping that we can found that somebody for once, but only God knows. Pray for the best. :)

Well I don't know what I want to say for now, but I wish you had a really great time today..

Promise I will blog more soon.. :)


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