Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Dinner with Fellas

Hello everyone, sorry for the late post..
Well it's about our Early Christmas Dinner on December 20th, 2012. I supposed to post it before Christmas right? Sorry, my mistake :(
This probably the most awesome Christmas for the 8 of us, why?
Yeah in past 2 years after we're graduated, we never spent our Christmas together like this time. Tough we live in the same place and town, well you know as a human and as a person, we had our personal life right? We can't always be together anytime, anywhere.
Skip the life part okay. #LOL

We prepared for this gathering for a long time, I think it's 2 or 3 weeks before 20. Not too long tough. But I'm glad that this was a successful plan we ever made. hahahaha ;p
We brought presents, each presents prices is above 50.000 rupiahs and below 70.000 rupiahs. And it must be a NORMAL gifts, well I let you know that my friends is kinda crazy sometimes, hahahahaha but crazy in an appropriate way. And we choose an Italian Restaurant called CASA FONTANA RISTORANTE ITALIANO, it's on Jl Imam bonjol, 119, Surabaya, Indonesia.
Recommended restaurant! :)

Okay no more talking, and here's some picture of us that day :)
OH don't be surprised to see us now (if you already read my blogpost about our past-life back then), we're totally different NOW and THEN. HAHAHAHA~ yeah of course we're pretty and beautiful, and young lololololl *narcissistic*

With the owner, Massimo Polo and the Chef, Enrico Campanaro.

Hahaha the owner is photobomb-ing us

bonus! :p

Well, good day everyone!
Wishing you all having a great Christmas & New Year.. :) 


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