Monday, December 3, 2012

Last Friday night

Hello everyone,
so last Friday night November'30, 2012, me and my friends is hitting to the club, there's an International Event at M-One Superclub (the first futuristic club in Indonesia) called "Cyber Japan", which there's a lot of Japanese girls wearing their sexy clothes, bikinis, and showing their "skills". I don't have to say it right, you know what I meant. #LOL!
Here's the poster,go Like M1 Superclub on facebook.

First of all, I didn't barely know about this event eventough I already saw this poster long ago. Well when I'm going to mall to have my lonely-dinner #LOL,
I tweeted, "Having my 3 in 1 (breakfast-lunch-dinner) at Wendy's. Junk-food day! No fat gained I wish *fingercrossed* :')"
Then my friend Angel did mention me, "hei Jumat" (read: hey, friday),
I thought that she tells me that Junkfood day is on Friday,
remembering that it's still Wednesday,
I innocently replied "gpp lah dimajuin",
then she tells me again, "yaa, jumat yeeee"
I was like, "HUH?"
I don't know what she means #wtf,
then I asked her about what's on Friday, then she replied "mone".
Then I replied, "we'll see this friday. ijin sekk hahah"
Well you know that I'm not allowed to go to the club (once or twice is okay but not too often).

Then on Friday, I tell my mom,dad, and my bro that I'm going to go to partying tonight. HAHAHA (guess I'm crazy enough telling them straight to the point).
I told them right, I am going to the party, I didn't lie, better to tell them the truth than lying right. #LOLOLOLL!!

Forget about it, here's some picture of us having fun together last Friday, and yeah we met Vicky Nitinegoro there, and he's such a kind person, what a coincidence! Then we asked him to took a picture with us and he agreed, well that's great! :)

 with Vicky Nitinegoro
 Cynthia - Me - Dian - Erfan - Angel :)

We really enjoyed the party that night what a great First of December, but then one of my friend was drunk, and we got to take care of him, DUH! :-x
Guess it's time to go home right :)
Well that's all for now guys, ahh why did I still can't leave this horrible kind of lifestyle, guess I'm still a little "ababil" now.. HAHAHA *evil laugh*
I know going to club isn't a good thing, especially for girls, but hey we're not party-animal, yes we drink, but I'm not drunk, I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, just enjoy some time with friends, enjoy the music, and the atmosphere #LOL, and SURE I'm gladly leave this kind of lifestyle soon, very soon, promise! *sigh


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