Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Hello everyone,
so as you can see and remember that today is 22.12.2012 which mean today is Mother's Day! yeah..
Well I know it sounds a little more too much cause it's not an International celebration, only in Indonesian if I'm not wrong. Cause earlier this afternoon I read someone's updated status on facebook (he's an Italian), he said that mother's day at his nationality (Italia) is on May. So well enough said that it's not an International Celebration right?

Okay, here's a picture of me and my mom back in 1993's.

HA! I'm CUTE right? :D
See my dress, it's a matching dress as what my mom wore, hahaha and yeah she still had that dress in her wardrobe, but this dress didn't fit her now. lol :p
Well I know this is sound a little odd or maybe too much, but words can't describe how awesome SHE is.. :)
Mom, sorry if I do a lot of mistakes, make you sad or mad sometimes, or whatever. But I love you and I always will. I would never trade you with another one cause you're the best I ever had!

your one and only growing up pretty daughter.

LOL! No complaining, my blog, my words, don't like it? kindly leave and press close! ;p

Happy Mother's Day to the other mom in the world!
Cheers ;)


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