Thursday, November 6, 2014

Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade

Hello everyone,
so here I am today presenting my own review for the best eyebrow product from ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS, it's their Dipbrow Pomade.
I've been curious to try the dipbrow pomade, because some people said that it is not so easy to wear, especially if you're not so good doing your eyebrows or if you're not a talented (I didn't said that I am talented though, so no hard feeling guys, it's just word play LOL).
And yeah I admit that it is a little bit tricky at first, you can easily wipe the pomade if you're making mistake while you made the arch or whatever, but once it dries, you can't just wipe it with cotton buds, you need to use your remover as well.
I always use pencil to do my eyebrows daily, but I couldn't help myself fall in love with this pomade from the first time I tried. You can use an angle brow brush to make it easier.
If you're going to swim or had to work out, this is the best choice for an eyebrow products that will LAST LONGER and didn't smudge once you let it dry.
I am using this pomade while I'm working out recently because while you work out, you're sweating a lot of course. I will use this soon to go to swim and see if this pomade really stay in place, and I will let you know! :)
I don't know why but in current few months I prefer a simple makeup look, well I am using a brown natural color contact lens as well, it's GEO Rainshower in brown (it's brand new edition FYI). I never found another good looking brown contact lens except this one, and it is SO COMFY! You should try if you had a problem using contact lens in brown color before.
I bought two different colors of ABH dipbrow pomade, it's chocolate and taupe (it's a new color), taupe is more brown-ash kind of color so you can use it daily because they had a very natural color.
Bought both of it at @houseofmakeup (Check out their INSTAGRAM, it's based in Surabaya, Indonesia).
You can also find it at SEPHORA, in US of course.
ABH didn't launch yet in Asia. Too bad. I wish I could just buy them straight at Sephora near Asia, of course the other products from ABH too.

And here's the look that I've made using this two!
Check it out :)
Using the chocolate ABH dipbrow pomade!
As you know, I am madly in love with bold eyebrows :)

And here's the taupe ABH dipbrow pomade!
And yes this is the best color if you want to look natural, Really! :D

I can't wait to try another color real soon, but I guess now it is more than enough for the next 1 year drawing an eyebrows.
I will try another eyebrow products too when I had a chance, and of course I will let you guys know.
Which brand & color is you fave? :)

Seeyou in another post!


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