Thursday, February 9, 2012

PAC Powder Eyehadow Swatches

 Take a look of my new jars of powder eyeshadow! The brand named PAC (hell yeah I know it's not MAC but PAC, one of the local brand makeup in Indonesia lol)

The color was Pink and Purple, and it's not Matte color, but it's Shimmer color! Just so you know, I LOVE SHIMMER and DAZZLING colors more than matte!
 This is how they looks like, I know I know, I think this was the LOW budget eyeshadow MAC look-A-like! LOLOLOL!

I bought it for only just IDR 68.500 each (SGD 9 / USD 6).
(Told ya, this is the MOST cheapest products than MAC lololol!)
Here is the swatches of PAC powder-eyeshadows that I bought a week ago!

The colors is MAD pretty! (Forgive me about the bad quality photos, I took it with my blackberry camera).

Left: without blitz
Right: with blitz
 Pretty right?? :)

Okay this is the end of the post today!
I promise you, I'll be back tomorrow and try to post something that everyone love, this is the worldwide brands !!
Are you curious already? Stay tune! ;)

xoxo, Lia

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