Thursday, February 9, 2012

Collective HAUL

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for the late post :(
I was busy to help my parents recently, because my brother goes to Malaysia-KL at the last 2 weeks ago and came back last week (6 days-off WTF!)
And because I don't have ANY inspiration to blog something interested tough LOL
So so so so sorry!

Okay, let's back to the topic!
In 2 weeks, I already bought some new stuffs (but I didn't take lots pictures for ALL of them)
I bought a new long sleeves T-shirt from Colorbox. And it's on SALE 50% OFF!
Mad happy, the original price was IDR 179.900 ( SGD25,50 / USD18-20) because it's on SALE, I bought it ONLY for IDR 89.950 (SGD 12,50 / USD 9,50).


And 2 days after it, I bought two jars eyeshadow-powder by PAC the colors is SO gorgeous! (I already posted the swatches HERE)
I bought it for only just IDR 68.500 each (SGD 9 / USD 6)

 And got this 2 fake diamond rings (LOL) only for IDR 25.000 / pair ( SGD 3.50 / USD 2.50 ) at the Tiffany's Room !!!! (Sorry for un-rotated pictures below! I don't know why it can't be rotated, I've tried for 3 times and still didn't change anything! wtf)

MAD happy you know! lollololololl!
Okay this is the end of the post for today!
And because this is FEBRUARY which mean it's going to be a VALENTINES-DAY soon, I promise you the sweetest blog-post SOON before valentine's day! (LOL)

Stay tune for the next HAUL from your fave brand, the clue is the "S" alphabet ! :)

xoxo, Lia

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