Wednesday, September 21, 2011


wohoo! FINALLY I've got this 4 things from NYX cosmetics after waiting for a month for it to delivered :))
take a look!

NYX Mossaic Powder Blush in Peachy (MPB04) and Love (MPB10)

Code: LSS 509 narcissus / RLG19 apricot

loveeee the color! (but I think this color doesn't work for me lol)

Here's the swatches! :)

without blitz

with blitz

NYX Mossaic Blush in "love" and "peachy" (with blitz)

NYX Mossaic Blush in "love" and "peachy" (without blitz)

The lipstick is in Narcissus and the lipgloss is in Apricot :)

NYX Girls Round Lipstick in "Narcissus"

NYX round lipgloss in "apricot" without blitz

NYX round lipgloss in "apricot" with blitz :)

so, what color fits you the best??

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