Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year without Self-Photos

Hello everyone!
wishing you all having a great new year :)
I've been quite worried about my PC lately, 'cos it broke and I can't even access it! omg

I wish I didn't lost all of my photos, music, games, etc!
I've set up some new photos that day (read: 1st January) ! * sob *
and when my PC suddenly stopped and I can't access the menu, I was resize-ing my photos: (
I was so sad spending new year without new photos!
hopefully all the data can be saved! * amen *
AND YOU KNOW WHAT? *sorry for the Capslock lol*
Yesterday err.. I mean tuesday I was going to furniture and home improvement centre called AJBS at Ngegel Jaya Street (i mean Jl.Ngagel Jaya), and Central Point Shopping Centre (or maybe you know carefour hypermart or supermarket or whatever! or Pent House Executive Club lol), and buying some stuffs like soaps, milk, cookies, foods, etc, my mom buy a pack of camper, I think it's Dahlia (the brand name) i forgot, and FYI that's not the point btw :p
The pack of camper cost Rp.10.000 ++ (SGD 1.50 / US$1.10) or maybe Rp.14.000 lol I totally forget about the price..

I do not know if they have some kind of lottery to purchase their products, when I went to bring receipts to customer service, the clerks told me that I have 2 chances to take the lottery, so I just picked the rolled paper 1 by 1, and when I opened the first paper .... A FAN!
I know that fan isn't so special, and I don't feel so excited or what LOL, but the clerk said "WOW! you've got the fan! awesome!" (wtf??)
I am confused, what's so special about that??
then I ask this for fun, "was the biggest prizes is that fan??"
the clerk said, "oh no, the biggest is refrigerator, but so far only you who's got the prize other than a consolation prize, she also mentioned there are also people who have 70 times to choose those rolled paper but all of them isn't that lucky as you are! Congratulation ms!"
*UH okay, I'm lucky! yes I am!* lol
What a lucky new year for me! :))
Well, all the best is yet to come, and I am ready to be the luckiest girl in da world!!! LOLOLOL!!

Okay end of this post,
see you tomorrow err.. maybe later! lol~
xoxo ;)

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