Saturday, May 5, 2012

Clayton Kendrick.

Hello everyone!
It's been more than a week I didn't post a new blog post :(
Hahaha, you must be thinking why my title above was Clayton Kendrick.
 Right? ;)
Okay here's the answer..
So, 2 days ago ( May 3rd, 2012) it was my Nephew 4th Birthday
hahahaha it's not a necessary that my brother celebrate his son birthday eating that western kind of food #LOL
Let me tell you.. my big family are BIG fans of Chinese food, but FYI, I'm not one of them, I do like Chinese food BUT not TOO much.. I love Western food, or Japanese maybe.. yumm!

Let me share some photos I took that day :)

 The Birthday Cake

 My Cousin & My Nephew (they have the same birth date! #lol)
Hey, this is My Big Brother ! (we're TOTALLY different right?)

of course this is ME ;)

Meet My Beloved Parents! :D

Meet My Grandma!

Hey, this is my Cousins Son, (My first nephew #lol ) His name is Michael.

Me and Big Daddy! #lol

Grandma & Mommy !


My Nephew and My Sister in Law! (his MOM btw)

Desserts! OH I love dessert SO much


My Sis-in-Law Sissy her name is Frida :)

Angry Birds!

#LOL yeah I don't wanna miss it! :D

FYI: It's a REAL cake!

Happy Birthday to You

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