Thursday, December 3, 2015

DIOR skin nude air serum

Hello everyone,
so today I'm going to tell you one of my holy-grail makeup product that I've been using lately, well most of the time since I bought it last October.
Jadi, sebelumnya aku ga pernah pakai DIOR, apapun jenis makeupnya.
Aku iseng-iseng jalan ke sephora, then aku coba karena banyaknya orang yg jual dan pakai, disana aku coba deh foundie kece 1 ini, and ga pakai lama I fell in love with this baby, it smells so good & the texture is NOT so thick, almost seperti air (water). That's why maybe dior ini dikasih nama nude air, karena memang kalau dipakai ga terasa berat di wajah! :D

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A precursor in the art of natural, Dior innovates and broadens its nude makeup expertise with Diorskin Nude Air: a weightless, ultra-fluid serum as light and beneficial as a breath of fresh air, for an enhanced complexion with sheer correction. Like after a day in the great outdoors, the complexion has all the fresh, radiant beauty of a natural healthy glow. 


Weightless velvety freshness.


Apply with the fingertips or using the Backstage Light Coverage Fluid Foundation Brush No. 11, blending the foundation from the center of the face outwards.


An incredibly fine, exceptional texture.
Made with oils that evaporate instantly, the talc-free Diorskin Nude Air formula deposits an undetectable film of makeup on the skin. Its high-precision dropper easily delivers exactly the right amount.
Perfectly natural-looking makeup in an instant.
The formula enriched with soft-focus agents and glazed pigments produces an even, radiant complexion in an instant for perfect correction with a sheer finish. The complexion glows with natural beauty.
Day after day, all the benefits of a breath of pure fresh air for your skin.
Dior introduces Oxygen Activ™ technology, an innovative combination of a hyper-oxygenated oil, Cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals. Revitalised, the skin breathes and becomes more beautiful each day.

What it is:
A lightweight foundation serum that creates an enhanced complexion and a sheer finish. 

What else you need to know:
This product is free of talc. 

Beauty Tip: 
Create an even more radiant, youthful-looking appearance by pairing with Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin. 

This product is an Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

So this was some of my pic using Dior Skin Nude Air.

I know it's a little bit pricey, I bought it for $191 MYR.
Kira-kira sekitar 600.000 keatas sih ya, but it's WORTH it!
Dan juga bakal lama habisnya, karena kamu ga perlu pakai terlalu banyak products to cover your whole face.
Trust me this one is worth to try! :)

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