Wednesday, April 25, 2012

See you in November! :(

Hello everyone, it's been so long since my last post OMG!
Sorry, kinda busy lately :(
I promise to provide free time to update my blog for the days ahead...

So, this is the second week where my status is no longer a single, hahaha .. but in a relationship. :p
not something likely to be an interesting post for you guys, but it means a lot to me.

24 April 2012 is
the day that really drained me emotionally, during the year 2012 for me ..
Where I just feel the happiness
of falling in love a.k.a dating for 2 weeks, and had been left by my boyfriend, go abroad, to the country side! #LOL!
It doesn't matter, it's His decision from the first time, long before he began to close to me :)

Not his fault, nor my fault, it has become our previous commitments, which I already knew that he would go to work, not in Indonesia (but Russia). OMG!
Can you imagine that? fortunately, our time difference is not much different, just 3 hours, well our time in Indonesia faster 3 hours from Moscow (St.Petersburg). :)

I've been mentally prepared before he actually left Indonesia. This is just a new early stage, yet the next stage, where one day at some point, I felt tired and needed him beside me but he couldn't, and so is he. To be honest I was not fully prepared to be left by him, but what can I do? slowly but surely, I can handle that. *amen* :)

Communication is the only important thing in this long-distance relationship. And also the understanding of the two lovers to understand the existing situation. Maybe it's just too hard, very hard at first, we communicate almost everyday, whether it be just texts or phone. Listening to his voice before I'm going to sleep, sometimes we fall asleep together while on the phone, listening to his cute voice, how he sings to me, his laugh, it makes my day. :')

Because our distance is way too far and certainly couldn't made any call everyday because it cost expensive, we certainly rely on a strong connection (including through facebook, chat, or skype). Maybe that's not enough cause I miss him, and I wonder if he missed me too. But now I have to wait and be more patient until he came back (even if it's just holiday or whatever), remember back then he waits for 2 years long just to know me, it was paid off cause now you know that I love you, you loved me, never let me go and I'll never let you too. :)

End of post :)
Here's some picture ve took yesterday, yeah.. last photos -___-"

please ignore my hands, WTF looks so damn big here, omg! I'm so fat :(

Me and Him
*FYI: I told him to take off his sunglasses before his friend Charles snaps this pict! hahaha*
From Left to Right: Adios, Angela, Me, Edward, Gracia, and Made

From Left to Right: Me, Edward, Gracia, and Made (hahaha they're so funny) *take 1*
From Left to Right: Me, Edward, Gracia, and Made *Take 2*
From Left to Right: Me, Edward, Gracia, and Made *Take 3*
Me and Him
 from Left to Right: Adios, Angela, Me, Edward, Gracia, and Made
 From Left to Right: Adios, Edward, Me, Gracia, Made, and Angela
  From Left to Right: Adios, Angela, Edward, Me, Gracia, and Made
 From Left to Right: Charles, Adios, Edward, Me, Gracia, and Angela

Just so you know, Charles is the one who took MOST of the pict yesterday! hahahahaha how pity :p 
But, thank you anyway :)
Taken with Gracia's pocket camera :)


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