Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy 23th Birthday to you baby ♥

26 April 2012
Happy 23th Birthday to YOU baby !
wishing you nothing but the best!
Be Wise
Be Happy
Be Grateful

The best things in life is..
Knowing that someone loves you more than you ever know,
I know I may be selfish sometimes, but I know you can handle it,
You know how to treat me well, like I'm the only one for you,
Thank you for ever making me feel so special,
I love every single thing you did to me,
Like how you sing to me, I like the way you say you love me,
The way you missed me, The way you laugh,
The way you hug me, and The way you look at me,
and one thing,
I love the way you smile, I love it more if I am the reason! 
I miss the time when we had a very long conversation on the phone,
Even I didn't say much, cus I love to hear your sweet voices,
Thank you for the bear also,
I just pretend that it's you when you're not around,
I know that's not the same as if you're here though..
 Wishing you had a great and awesome birthday there baby,
Oh I really wish you're still here!
We don't know what could happen tomorrow,
If we're meant to be together, we will be together :)
Your happiness is my happiness too,
And if there comes a time when we can't be together,
Keep me in your heart, I'll stay there forever. 
No matter what happen in the future,
but one thing you should know,
I love you more than yesterday, and I don't want to lose you!
It's hard to believe that I finally found someone like you,
and I wish I don't have to find another you.
I don't have to say it out loud,
but you know that
I love you unconditionally!

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