Friday, July 6, 2012

Mi Piace Céline.

Hello everyone,
Today I'm back with loads of Céline bags if you're a BIG fans of this brand OMG!

The frenzy over the Céline Luggage Tote has been at a fever pitch for seasons now, and somehow, it shows no signs of abating. The visual appeal of the bag is so contagious, in fact, that it has jumped from the fashion crowd straight to Hollywood. 

Not every It Bag translates that well to people outside of the industry, but Céline has found a way to catch lightning in a bottle.  Everyone has one of these bags.

And when we say everyone, we mean it. Everyone from serious actresses to Kardashians to pop stars to models (especially models) has some Céline in their closet.

Here’s what I’ve learned: celebs like their Céline Luggage Totes to be all or mostly black, they carry them pretty much 24/7, and the original design generally wins out over the crossbody Céline Nano Luggage and the ginormous Céline Phantom Luggage.
Check out loads of picture below!

 this one is my favorite, the nude color is damn adorable!
 and also Kim K!

 Kourtney Kardashian

 Victoria Beckham, adore her style to die!

So, which one is your favorite? :)
Mine is ...

 Céline Luggage Tote

 Céline Boston Tote

 Céline Classic Box Bag


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  1. Really an awesome and lovely color Celine bags! really love all of these:) its really looking cool to carry stylish and colorful fashion bags for your style statement!