Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flawless Skin

Hello everyone,
so today I want to blog about SKIN :D
Well I didn't said that I'm an expert about all of SKIN stuffs.. oh whatever.

Having a flawless skin is not easy ladies, there are several kind of skin, which are oily, normal, combination, and dry skin. Good if you had a normal skin, I'm combination, which mean is dry and oily, but not too oily though.
I'd like to use BB cream instead of cream or liquid foundation, idk, but seems like BB cream is lightly textured than the cream foundie. I use maybelline BB cream in fresh, because the natural one is too yellow for my skin tone. Same as Chanel CC cream that I tried today, too bad it didn't suit my skin tone.

The key of having a great makeup is having a good skin, hell yeah flawless skin. I'd die for having a flawless skin!! I didn't said that my skin is flawless, I got some pimples sometimes, a little wrinkles on the forehead, and redness, Yeah no one is having that flawless skin FYI. So be thankful if you're acne's free! :)

I only get facial once in few months, I wash my face only with facial soap, I didn't use any skincare lately, but I've been using Shiseido last time. Well, I prefer using Ultima than shiseido. Idk, their skincare didn't work on me. So I think that I would get my old skincare back soon.

I would like to share some picture of mine below, I've been using BB cream since 2010 (if I'm not wrong), and Maybelline is my first choice to experience with. Some of my makeup were from Maybelline. I LOVE THEM even it's only drugstores makeup.

Cheap or expensive makeup? 
Even if you use a lot of expensive makeup BUT you don't understand or know how to use it, IT'S USELESS AND WASTE OF MONEY! :)

So, the point is, you have to know and understand before you buy makeup products if you never had an experience before. Drug store makeup is not that bad. :)

So, here's some picture of me, of course with makeup on.. just so you know, I LOVE MY EYEBROWS THAT DAY! #LOLOLOLL :D

 Likey my new "comme des fuckdown" caps? ;)
Please ignore puffy and panda eyes :(

 do I look like korean here? :p

Well that's enough :p
Sorry for spamming your screen with super adorable and cute pictures of mine

Seeya in the next blog! ♥


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