Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Makeup Tutorial

Hello everyone,
so here I am today brought you some of my routine as a tutorial, well it's not kind of video, but pictorial! As always, it's all about makeup. LOL!
And terribly sorry if the picture is not in High-definition. :-/
As you know, I always do my makeup more than one hour, but except this, I did it for less than 30 minutes, because I'm in a hurry, well I promised you to show some of my makeup that I've been using to achieve that smooth & healthy look. *lol* but without the fake lashes. Well, I need to be more "natural" sometimes. hehe :D

So not too much to say,
here we go! :)

1. Use BB cream all over your face, use your finger to blend it.

 2. Conceal any dark circles, like mine. SEE?

3. Dot dot dot! And blend it with your ring finger of your middle finger! :p

4. SEE? What a concealer did on my dark circles! It's gone. :D

5. Set your foundation or BB cream with loose powder, but I prefer using my compact powder without contain a foundation instead.

6. And if you had a different lid like me, use the scotch (eye tape).

 7. Put it on your lids.

 8. VOILA!

9. The hard part, define your eyebrows, not too thin, not too thick.

10. Till you get the eyebrows you like!

11. Prime your lids.

12. Apply the eyeshadow you like, I prefer brown on the outer corner of my eyes, and gold or cream color eyeshadow on the center of the lids, and blend.

13. Highlight!! Oh I love NYX! Before your put the highlight, make sure to use your powder once again to remove any eyeshadow access.  I'd like to use my maybelline foundation powder.

14. Highlight your browbones with the off-white color, it will pop-up the brown color.

 15. Eyeliner! Wing it! Find your fave cat eyes look, and draw the line first. I'd love to use maybelline gel eyeliner instead the kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner, I never recommend to use the liquid one especially if your hand is shaking.

 16. Fill them in! And don't forget the waterline, use the kohl for the waterline.

 17. TADAA! Perfectly winged eyeliner :D

18. Bronzer to define your cheekbones. Oh I've been using SEPHORA sundisc a lot to contour my cheek & my nose! See? :p

19. Tangerine Blush! And it's from NYX called "love" mosaic powder.

 20. The look is DONE!! :)
Optional, if you want to look more glowing,  you can use any of shimmer blush or highlight on the T-Zone & on your cheekbones!


How do I look?
Is it still too much or natural much? :)
Ah of course put on your fave lipstick, and the look is DONE! 
Drop your comment below!

Hope you enjoy this tutorial, and I'll see you soon!


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