Monday, February 3, 2014

Till we meet again

Hello everyone,
so here I am today *again* with another goodbye post & bunch of pictures of "US", oh I could say it's another farewell, did I ever tell you that I hate goodbyes? Yeah.. I've been posting few farewell post in current few years.. Whoever it is! :( Well I'd rather say that it's not a "goodbye", it's a until we meet again..
She's my partner in crime, my sissy from another mother, my bff, my soulmate, my galau partner. Oh we met at the club exactly for the first time in March 2013 back then if I'm not wrong. LOL! And oh it's on Wednesday errr maybe Friday. *hahaha* and OH her name is Kartika, well we all called her Tika or Mami, or Anak etceteraaa, sounds more friendly much lah.

It's sad to be honest, we lost our friend, we rarely see each other now. OH give us the togetherness back! Luckily I didn't miss the farewell last week.
And not to much to say, we had a good good time..

And here's our massive pictures!
C'mon take a look..

 this is TIKA! :-*

 with Hugo!

 Tika's le boyfie Ficky & Youween

 this is Youween

 and this is Reiza!

 from left to right: Reiza, me, Hugo, Youween, Tika, Edwin, Alice

Oh I can't wait to see you again Nak! :')

Till the next post fellas..


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