Friday, May 16, 2014


Hello everyone,
oh my god, it's been so long didn't check up on my blog since last month!
SO sorry for my disappearance for a while, kinda busy with my makeup schedule *COUGH*, oh trust me I told you the truth. And kinda maintenance my life, well living a little healthier than before, including less clubbing, of course.

As you know I'm kind of party animal for current a year and a half, I don't know, it's like something is closing my whole brain & heart, LOL. Okay that's kind of weird words to say. haha.. Oh my, I really don't know what I have to say on this blog today, SERIOUSLY.

Ah few weeks ago, just on person could make me think, I mean think more harder than I already did, one person that can affects me & my life so much. Oh well I know, I won't say a name, or mention anyone. Just this person, could make me think that I can never trust anyone, ever. Because not everyone that smile at you is your friend. YES that's true. Oh okay I would say some words with indonesian cuz it's more easier for me to confess.

Yeah beberapa waktu kemarin, I've been so so so so temperamental you know. I got angry so easily, some people kinda pissed me off, to be frank, including some of my besties kinda pissed me off. Trus ada aplikasi called "ASK.FM" that pissed me off because of the stupid anonymous thing that could ask me whatever they like, including bringing some of privacy thingy. I was so so so so angry to the max, beberapa dr mereka aku rasa cara bicaranya terlalu sinis & nyindir, well it's me, aku juga jadi sinis sama mereka. Then, I kinda frustrated, with the things that's been happening in my life *didn't say that the world is against me but I feel like that sometimes*, with the ups and down.

And so, I need to say thankyou, thankyou for being there, thankyou for opening my eyes again, thankyou for opening my mind, I didn't expect anyone would say those things, but I'm glad that you said it, eventhough it hurt me, oh well I've been hurt so many times, so maybe this just cut a little bit & won't leave scars. #lebayMODEon hahaha :)

This past few months, I've learned a lot, I learned that you can't always depend on someone, the only one you can depend on is only yourself, don't expect someone not hurting you just because they treat you well, high expectation leads you to a deep disappointments. You can only trust yourself, and God. Believe that everything's happen for reasons, life's not easy as you wish, not as sweet as you thought, not as wonderful as fairytales.

So right now, live your life the way you wanted not what other people want to see it. 
Live happily even if you're sad.
Stop thinking about what other people would say, because even if you're nice, people always got something bad to talked about you.
Focus on being a better you, be someone that people said you couldn't.
Keep going! :)

Oh what else that I need to say, I think I'm blank.
I'll see you in another post really soon. *fingercrossed*

                                                                                         Lia ♥

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