Monday, April 21, 2014

Korean inspired look

Hello everyone,
so here I am today again, with another inspired makeup look for you, and OH first of all, let me say Happy Easter!!
Been so long didn't post anything since about 2 weeks ago right?
As usual, I'm having a lot of extra time to play with my stuffs, I mean with my makeup stuffs, and usually I was bored, so I choose to play with my face & makeup.
So let's cut the long talks and straight to the case, LOLOLOLL!

Here's the pictures! :)

Products that I've used usually was the same as the others makeup look I've posted! :)
Go check to the previous makeup look blog.
We'll see you in another post ladies..



  1. sorry, but korean don't use heavy make up

    1. Yes I know that they don't use heavy makeup especially on the eyes. :)