Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I'm loving you the best I know how

Not really a necessary post,
but here I am today, well.. duh I couldn't tell what I really feel by now.
Just.. feeling a little romantic today. LOL

Maybe this post sounds really just kind of bullshits, actually, this is what I know about love.
I didn't mean to be an expert here, but I just need some self talk, because it's kinda embarrassing if I have to tell this with someone, well maybe not embarrassing, but kinda awkward..

I may be too young to know about love,
I may be too innocent to understand what's love,
but as long as I know it,
it never goes the way you wanted it to be,
it never ever happen the way you wondered,
and the hardest part of growing up is that fairytales never really exist in real world.
The way I experienced myself,
I never regret anything about it
To be frank, it hurts, yeah it hurts.
No love story always had a happy ending,
But it doesn't mean that you can never had a happy ending though.
The way I see it, I just wonder why I suffered this much?
Why it can't just flow, the way I wanted it to be?
Why I'm always losing the one that really means a lot, the one that I really feel safe when they're around, the one that you want to spend a lifetime together?
And believe me, I never really understand why.
But one thing that keeps me "have a little hope", is that God give me strength to face this.
I know that God never give problems that HE knows I can't handle.

Maybe I don't even understand what's the meaning about love,
the way I see it, I'm just loving someone,
I give the best I can, I do the best I could,
I am human, I made mistakes,
I'm not perfect, I screwed sometimes,
I sometimes can't handle myself,
Well somebody needs a little time to get through it,
but what I really need is someone that could understand,
and just know that it's okay to be not okay sometimes.

Let me tell you this,
I rarely found someone, someone who can make me smile,
I mean a "real" guy, not including my friends.
That's kind of different story.

I rarely found someone,
Someone that can keeps my heart beating only for him.
Someone that when I looked into his eyes, my world feels so complete,
Someone that makes me feel completely safe around him,
Someone that I never get tired of waiting,
That someone, who takes my breath away when he looked into my eyes,
the eyes that I wanted to see for the rest of my life,
the face that I wanted to see when I wake up every morning,
the hands that I wanted to hold and never let go of it,
the one that can never be compared with anything in this world.
The one and only kind of people.

I don't need fancy cars,
I don't need an expensive things,
Every little things that you give, it's just enough for me.
The best gift I ever asked for is YOU.
Every single time Ive spent with you is the moment I treasured.
You give me something that you couldn't get back,

Tell me I'm smart with words, yeah I do,
But just let me tell you, that's what I ever feel when I'm with you.
Don't tell me to stop loving you, because I couldn't.
'Cuz Right now I'm loving you the best I know how.

OH WELL, I really wish I could say that whole thing for real. Someday. :)

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