Saturday, March 29, 2014

Flawless Radiant Face

Hello everyone,
so here I am today, back with another makeup topic *cough*
As you know, I love using BB cream, instead of any other foundations, because it makes my skin look more softer & not so "heavy" & too white. And as long as I ever did makeup, well personally I recommend using the cream foundation for more coverage, to conceal any freckles, pimples, or any redness.
OH, this time I bought the newest CC cream!!
And just to remind you, I'm not so impressed with the last CC cream I've bought (gotta say it's from max factor), but this one, it's different! Really, trust me, beside of the packaging is good, well it's in GOLD. I love gold. haha :D

It's from ELIANTO, well, it's a Malaysian makeup brand.
They got the white one, it's for whitening, since my skin is white enough, so I need this gold one.
It's called infinity youth, well I guess it's for anti-aging. Remembering that I had this wrinkles on my forehead, old enough huh? LOL!
First of all, all you can see is a white cream on my hand, but it magically match into your skin color, so they only had one color only. COOL or what?
See the pictures below! ;)

Can you see the radiance? That glowing part on my hand?
This is my instant love makeup product ever.
The price is 360K (in rupiahs), not so expensive though.
And here's the result on my face. ;)
Take a look!

 without blush & lipstick

Till the next post dear ;)


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