Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Hello everyone,
it's been so long since my last post..
So I've just back from Penang (Malaysia) last week, and as you know, I love shopping, and of course I've bought a quite lot of stuffs. Well, Makeup stuffs. Not clothes this time :(

And not saying much, so here's my haul for today!
C'mon take a look...

 Finally got my NAKED 3
TOO FACED limited edition blush & highlight

My first chanel product ;)
 Finally got it, my fave since Junior High School
Got this all, and some was my friends. hehe :D
Drugstore liptint & maybelline lip polish

I'm going to post some makeup tutorial next, using my new makeup collections of course, and oh be patient guys..
Till the next post! :)

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