Thursday, March 13, 2014

Face to paint

Hello everyone,
ah as usual, I've got nothing to do than typing in front of my laptop here, brings some portfolios *cough* of my art works, as you know I'm now a MUA a.k.a Make-up Artist, well it means I've to deal with a lot of different faces. *LOL*

So, here's is my fave face to paint on, for 2 days.
Check it out! :)

This is my face to paint on March'12, 2014.
And she's no other than my other half, my sissy, my partner-in-crime, my fashion-sister, my BFF, my own personal dentist-to-be, and also my loyal client.
So sorry ya your before here is so so so jelek hahahaha PEACE :p


And here's my face to paint on today, March'13, 2014.
My new pretty client, Ce Lydia.

Trust me, I'm loving ce Lydia's dress!
Mad mad mad love!
Oh loving both of their eyes :D
Ah I can't wait to paint on their face again someday.

End of post!
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