Friday, May 1, 2015


Hello everyone,
It's MAY already, oh time did flies so fast right?
OMG so long didn't catch up with you guys since my last post (well I do post once but I deleted it because of personal reason).

So today I'm not gonna talk about my life, well I know it's been really hard lately for me to keep move on with my life.

Nah, like you've seen on my instagram (well if you followed me), I used to post an OOTD kind of pic, well I know I'm not a fashion blogger, just doing an OOTD for fun.
And most of my pic shown from head to toe.

I kinda obsessed with a lot of shoes, yes I'm a shoes-zilla! lol

So here's some of my kind-of-fail OOTD post :p
If you recognize, I wear different kind of shoes on each photos, if you find it two or three I wore the same shoes, well it means that shoes were my fave!

 found this boots and guess how much is the price :p *SO SO SO CHEAP!!!*

 shine bright like a diamond baby!

 those heels KILLS!

 burning burning!

 the beach IT slippers & jogger pants!

 sneaker-wedges da bomb!
pastel and phyton!

last weekend tho :p

DUH! I don't have enough shoes to make me satisfied tho.
I got tons of stacked box of shoes in my room, and in wardrobe, and racks, I just don't know when to wear it all. LOL!
And OH if you love sneakers as much as I do, check out at ZALORA!! CLICK HERE 
I find it SO adorable, I may get one sneakers for holiday!
What do you think about this shoes? Hidden Wedges in Gold
OH my gawdddd that shoes is da bomb, gotta get it soon!! Well I love the other floral one by Zalora,but I guess they don't have my size anymore. I am size 40 to 41 FYI. :p

Well I guess this was the end of the post!
Oh I may give you a bonus :p

Kisses for the readers! hahahaha :D
Till the next post, and happy long weekend holiday!


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