Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hair revolutions

Hello everyone,
as you all know that I am kind of hair color freak.
I often change my hair color once a month, well maybe once in current two months long.
As you can see on my instagram acc, many of my friends always said that my hair is always change color. HAHAHA (like a bunglon) :p
So here it is my hair revolution or.. transaformations!

From darker to lighter ad lighter and liiiiiggghhhhttteeeerrrrr...
I bleached my hair 1,5x last time to get that greeny ASH color last time, and now it back to blonde.
Oh my..
I was thinking to get it done to ash again soon!
And sorry, I didn't arrange the right hair color transformation below.
But as lighter as you see, my hair is now blonde and NOT ASH ANYMORE.
Damn :(

So that's all for today,
I wish I could write more post on my blog, but i just lost my aunt last 3 weeks ago..
May she rest in peace!


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