Monday, July 27, 2015

Jewelries are girls BFF

Hello everyone,
A few days ago, contacted me and asked me if I might be interested with a project they're running with jewelry and the history behind certain pieces.
The live auction site features a variety of luxury jewelry pieces as well as affordable items.

So that's why today I share with you guys my favorites & prized jewelry. I've been collecting from time to time, some of them may had a very special story, might be some kind of un-told story.

Let's start from this bracelet,

It was my mom's, she got it from my grandma (if I am not mistaken) when she's still young, and when she was skinny, too bad now it didn't fits me too, I wear it when I'm still in Elementary, I love those stones, it's pretty and colorful (who can resist any colorful things when we're still a child?).

The next one is the black heart shaped pendant, I got it when I'm still in Elementary too, I'm in love with black since I know that black is my kind of happy color LOL. No special reason, but I just love it and asked my mom to buy it for me, and she did, and I still have it until now. I don't know if my mom still remember this pendant cuz I am a little bit crazy with jewelry.

And here's some of my earrings collections,
as you can see I am BLING kind of person, I love colorful stones, but specifically I love sapphire, it just match my skin color, and just thought that maybe we're meant to be since the day they're founded (please forgive my cheesy jokes) :p

Diamonds everywhere! :D

And here's some of my bracelet & leather stuffs, I love leathers!!
And also two of my fave watches..
The next is my necklace collections, see?
I just love stones too much, and I love that House of Harlow necklace too since Senior High (that time we already know branded stuffs), few favorite necklaces as shown below.

And this one I made it myself, it's called braided necklace, which is using more than 1 brooch, you just need to mix and match some brooches until you got the right design that suits you.
I bought the braid necklace, so I didn't made it myself, the last time I try to made it, it was completely FAIL, so.. just to make my works easier, thank God that they sells the braid necklace only, so I can design my own necklace.

The next one is one of my favorite rings!
It's cartier panthere collection.
OH I'm so in love with it from the first time I saw it, my mom got one too in silver, mine is gold.

Don't you see how beautiful it is? :)
Lucky to have them on my finger.

Nah in this case, most of you actually likes any luxury jewelries right?
Or maybe some watches, necklaces, bracelets, or maybe some arts & crafts?
Let me introduce you this site & tells you a little about them,

The world’s premier auctions
Invaluable (formerly Artfact) is the world’s largest online auction marketplace of fine and decorative arts, antiques, collectibles, and estate sales. Across all three of our properties,,, and, more than 30 million bidders per year arrive in the virtual salerooms of the world’s premier auction houses. Collectors have unprecedented access to the items they are most passionate about. Invaluable’s live online bidding platform allows collectors to bid in real-time on auctions held around the world.
Bidders can search and buy from over 160,000 auctions annually with a combined value of over $25 billion. Invaluable’s best in class price database includes more than 57 million complete auction results totaling more than $204 billion in value, including information on more than 500,000 international artists.
As the world’s leading provider of SaaS technology and marketing services to the $40 billion live auctions market, Invaluable provides auctioneers with marketing and e-commerce solutions including auction listings, online bidding, websites, and auction management software (RFC Systems) reaching over 25,000 estate and art auctioneers around the globe.
Founded in 1989 in Boston, with offices in Pennsylvania and the United Kingdom, Invaluable currently has over 80 employees.

There's one ring that I keep wearing them (until it left a sunburn on my finger), I have it since my grandpa still alive in circa 1999 to 2000, I bought it at one place in Bali, but I forgot where exactly the place is. I wore it almost every single day, I took it with me even when I go to shower. It never leave my finger, but as time goes by, it brokes, and I need to just save it in a box.

So that's for today,
I'll be back very soon to keep updating my blog.
It's nice to have you guys to read my un-interesting blog so far. LOL

And I wish that your projects runs smoothly Invaluable! :)
Thank you for letting me be a part of your project.


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