Monday, July 6, 2015

Remember what keeps you happy

Hello everyone,
sorry for disappearing for a month from this blog..
Kinda busy with works lately, and got time to write up again here on this blog.
I miss my writing, so here I am now at almost 1 a.m typing in front of my lovely laptop listening to Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall, one of my favorite song in current few months.
Well I'll write this blog with few more language, so it will be more "friendly". lol

So, as you could read above,
Remember what keeps you happy.
Really, do you ever remember things that make you happy even in simplest way?
I do (not really I remember everything tho).

But, I just know the moment something makes me smile, I guess I am happy.
Well maybe a little.
For example, when you got a delivery package in front of your doorhouse from a shop, when you bought something online.
It's like "Oh finally *with smile*" nah I did that.
Or maybe when... someone special texted you "Hi."
*BOOM* I know you're smiling that moment. hahahahahaha

Don't count your happiness just when you got something expensive.
Yes I know that everyone lovessss expensive things.
But it is more precious if you got something that had a meaning of it.
For example, oh you got a branded bags because it's your first ever authentic bag that you bought with your own money *your job-money*, not because it's your parents money or bla bla bla.

Pastinya kamu merasa PUAS meski bakal ada pikiran OMG tabunganku berkurang banyak blah blah blah, BUT kamu bakal bener2 jaga itu barang because you know itu hasil kerja kamu sendiri, lain hal kalau pemberian dr ortu, palingan berapa lama uda bosen keleussss. (well happen to me LOL)

I won't count how much I spent to be happy.
In fact, real happiness can't be bought with money right.
Those flowers that blooms inside your heart, in the most simplest way.
Nah I am sorry that I sounds too cheesy lah.

Happiness is when.... you had something that makes you realize that Life is much more beautiful to be happy for, maybe a job you had, bestfriends that you love (and maybe if they love you back), someone that maybe makes you realize that reality is finally much more better than your dreams. Though I haven't met that "someone". LOL
Romantis dikit boleh lah ya :D

Nah, sekarang buntu nih mau ngomong apaan.
Intinya nih ya, bahagia itu simple, saat hati dan pikiran kamu udah "plong" meskipun beban berat masih ada, but you know what you had to do..
Deal with it, life goes on, and you moved on, bukan berarti elu LUPAIN, mau lu hapus foto, mau lu delete contact, yg namanya MEMORY itu STAY FOREVER, mana bisa lupa coy, bisa sih kalo lo ga stuck in one place that had thousand memories and you  moved to another country or maybe another city. Good if you had that chance.
Kecuali kalo lo AMNESIA, baru tuh lu bisa bilang move on, galau? inget masalah lu sebelum amnesia aja boro2 boo. *lol*

Life is much more easier to worry less alias WOLES aja bro,
asal tau mana yg baik dan buruk, and SET YOUR LIMITS!
Udah tua sob, kurang-kurangin nyusahin orang apalagi diri sendiri.
Kurang-kurangin main2, nyakitin hati orang.
Ati-ati deh karma itu ada loh, you got what you've done.

Nah lho bingung kan sama ini kata2, jelasnya aja sih ibaratnya nih ya..
"Kalo lo kasih orang lain tai, suatu saat lu dikasih tai juga sama orang lain.
Kalo lo kasih rezeki ke orang lain, nanti lu juga bakal dapet rezeki juga."
Gitu aja muter terus coy, ga susah-susah amat sih.
Nah kalo lo di jahatin orang, ga usah dibales, emang sih LORO ATI BRO, tapi inget...
nanti juga yg jahatin elu dijahatin sama orang lain, apalagi kalo lu dijahatin sama org yg lu sayang pake bingittt, ntar juga doi dijahatin sama orang yg doi sayang pake bingittt.
Bisa jadi lebih parah (bukan doain sih, but that's exactly what I know for sure, cuz it happened to me once, well maybe twice or more than that. NAH jd curcol kan gueh.)
Makanya lain kali jangan baper, jadi galau kan lo.
And here's one of my fave quote for you guys, and be sure to remember....

"Karma's only a BITCH if YOU ARE."

So that was the end of this post, this was kind of random post I guess.. 
Well maybe I'll post some of my makeup look on the next blog.
Got some endorsements that I like to post on this blog.

Stay tune!!!

thanks for capturing, I am giggling! xD


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